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The Benefits of Security Systems

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When Wayne Alarm Systems President and CEO was 12 years old, his home was robbed. After watching how the experience affected his closest family members, he was driven to create a home security system that would provide peace of mind for homeowners everywhere.

Years later, Wayne Alarm Systems is at the forefront of the home security and monitoring industry. The business that began with the design and installation of simple intruder detection systems has grown to include a wide array of services and devices that can protect your home, health, safety and belongings.

Why Do I Need a Home Security System?

Home security and detection systems do more than prevent burglaries. They can also sense smoke and fire, flooding and carbon monoxide. With a home security package from Wayne Alarm Systems in place, you can sleep and travel easier knowing that your system vigilantly monitors for all kinds of threats.

What’s more, a home security system can:

  • Prevent home invasions: A UNC-Charlotte survey found that 60% of intruders are more likely to target another home opposed to one which has a monitored alarm system.
  • Save lives: When you have a life monitoring system in place, you can get immediate help if someone in your home has a medical emergency. You’ll also have much more warning and assistance if emergencies arise, like excess carbon monoxide inside your home.
  • Help you save on property insurance: Install a home security and monitoring system, and you may be able to win a significant discount on your homeowners’ insurance. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute says that you may get a discount as large as 20%.
  • Automate important home-related functions: The right security system can let you lock doors, turn on lights and devices and shut off electronics remotely. That way, no matter where you go from day to day, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your home is safe, secure and waiting for your return.

One of the biggest benefits of a security system is peace of mind even when you’re not physically using all the available functions. Your fire alarms and smoke detectors will still work in the background when you’re not in your home. Wayne Alarm Systems will monitor your smoke detectors and alert the local fire department if there’s a problem. We’ll also watch your CO detectors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Learn More About Our Alarm Monitoring Services

Have you ever come home to a flood in your basement or a burst pipe? It happens, especially in climates that see a lot of rainfall or freezing temperatures throughout the year. The water sensors which may be included in your home security system will detect flooding and burst pipes. Plus, our temperature sensors can prevent pipes from freezing in the first place. If you operate a commercial building, keep in mind that these sensors can also monitor commercial fridges and freezers.

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At Wayne Alarm Systems, we understand that you have several options when it comes to home security. Our customers choose us because we have a long history of helping New England homeowners keep their people, pets and things safe. We:

  • Deliver exceptional customer service because we’re committed to exceeding the highest security industry standards
  • Staff a Five-Diamond certified monitoring station
  • Offer the highest standard UL and FM licensing, plus state-of-the-art life safety devices
  • Design and install comprehensive security and monitoring systems for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial applications
  • Design and install communications, long-range radio, fire detection, CCTV and access control systems

Since founder Ralph Sevinor was an adolescent, he’s been passionate about home security. He combined his love of technology with a passion for design and created his first alarm system at age 12.

Wayne Alarm Systems has helped New England property owners protect their personal safety, health and belongings for 50 years. When it comes to home security, you can count on us to customize the security you need to fully protect your home.

For more information about home security or to schedule a consultation, contact Wayne Alarm Systems for a free quote today.

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