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Commercial Burglar Alarms

We understand the importance of developing a system that works for your unique needs because every situation needs a custom solution.


Take Your Business Security & Theft Protection to the Next Level

When your security system is connected to our central station in Lynn, MA, your business is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by our trained and certified professionals.

Businesses throughout Massachusetts trust Wayne Alarm for their security because they value our quality systems and local, professional, customer-driven responsive service that assure the best results. Our Commercial Division is fully equipped to install and service everything your business needs.

At Wayne Alarm Systems, we know that every company has different challenges that set them apart. When shopping for a security system, you want to find the right fit for you. We can help you find the best system to give you peace of mind.

Common Questions About Business Burglar Alarm

A commercial alarm system is a specially designed alarm system for businesses of all sizes. Commercial burglar alarm systems, video surveillance, and motion-sensing technology help keep your business safe during a break-in or other emergency.

Most local fire and security laws require businesses to have an alarm system for basic protection. You can go beyond the basics with a commercial alarm system designed specifically for your business. There are a variety of options for security devices and procedures, and our job is to find the ones that best suit your business.

Installing a security or alarm system has a range of benefits. With the right system, you can:

  • Improve productivity: You can’t personally monitor every employee at all times. With video surveillance, your team members will be more inclined to stay on task.
  • Heighten security: Every part of your building that poses a safety risk will benefit from a security system. If you have a low-traffic area or a dangerous entrance that’s hard to keep an eye on, we can help.
  • Save money: Some insurance companies offer discounts for businesses they consider low-risk. Talk to your insurance company and determine whether an alarm system can help you save on your insurance bills. 
  • Deter crime: Intruders are less likely to enter a building with visible cameras and secure locks. You can prevent intrusions and employee theft by installing a way to catch criminals. 

When you work with Wayne Alarm Systems, you will have 24/7 alarm monitoring. You don’t have to worry about partial coverage or turning your alarm system on and off. Our technology will cover a wide area and protect your location from multiple angles. 

We personalize your alarm system to match your needs. Every business is unique, and your alarm system should reflect that. Therefore, choosing the right type of security system for your business is important to protecting your assets. 

Pricing for commercial alarm systems depends on a few factors, including: 

  • What equipment do you already have?
  • What technology do you want to add to your security system? 
  • The size of your building or office space.
  • The number of locations you want to protect. 
  • What Life Safety service do you choose? 

Our Life Safety programs are monthly subscriptions with different services. We offer three different choices and monthly rates so you can choose the best option for your business. Browse our promotions page to learn how you can save on our alarm systems and services. 

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What Your Business Can Expect From Wayne Alarm

Along with all the advantages our Residential Customers benefit from, you can be assured that Wayne Alarm Services understands and is committed to the concerns unique to a commercial account as well.

Ability to manage large user databases from our site — Our alarm system business capabilities are well-equipped to manage the needs of businesses of virtually any size. We are equally prepared to provide quality alarm systems for small businesses and larger corporations.

Increase employee efficiency and accountability with our various system options — Our experts will work with you to design a commercial alarm system that meets your specific requirements and budget — for example, monitored visible video surveillance cameras that will help keep your employees honest and on task.

Utmost consideration for your confidential records and information — We understand that security is about more than just preventing inventory loss. When we install business security alarm systems, your privacy and data safety is always a foremost consideration.

Enhanced services such as net-workable surveillance and card access systems with the ability of remote management — We offer state-of-the-art commercial security alarm systems that allow you constant control over your facility’s security wherever you are.

Experienced system designers maximize security — We don’t offer any cookie-cutter solutions regarding monitored security systems for a business. We want you to have the best alarm system for your business, and we’ll bring our expert designers to consult with you to ensure you get it.

Experience designing and installing UL-listed and certified systems— If you require a commercial alarm system that is UL listed, you need to look no further than Wayne Alarm

Back-up and redundancy protocols for disaster recovery situations — Security alarm systems for businesses don’t help you if they don’t work in an emergency situation. With Wayne Alarm Systems, you will be confident that your security will keep working even when disaster strikes.

A large list of well-known clients across various industries, including banking and national franchises — When looking for the best business alarm system, you want one with a reputation you can rely on. Wayne Alarm has been providing high-quality security solutions for decades, and we have a huge list of satisfied clients to prove it.

Priority response and state-of-the-art verification services and Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) — False alarms are a huge problem for local police and emergency personnel and may delay a response. With a Wayne Alarm system with ECV, when police or fire services get the call, they know it’s a legitimate emergency and show up fast.

Choose Wayne Alarm Systems and Protect Your Business

With over 50 years of experience in serving our community, Wayne Alarm Systems is your choice for quality service and protection. We offer business alarm systems to protect your employees and assets in and around Lynn, Massachusetts.

We have our own UL Listed, 5-Diamond monitor center. We also have extra generators and a separate Texas facility to ensure you’ll never be without service. 

In an emergency, every second matters. Our typical response time is eight seconds compared to the 60-second industry average. We stay active and alert to keep you updated and send help as soon as you need it. 

Contact us to request a free quote and find the perfect commercial building alarm system in Lynn, Massachusetts, and throughout the New England area.