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Home Security Systems & Installation in Lynn, MA

We can’t control everything, but we can be sure that your home is as protected as possible.

As life becomes more uncertain, you need a security system to meet modern demands. Theft protection is vital to keeping your loved ones and your possessions safe. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we understand your need for reliable safety and security. That’s why we’ve been helping people throughout Massachusetts and New England stay safer for over 50 years.

Let Wayne Alarm’s local trained professionals give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your family and possessions. Contact us for professional monitoring and home security system installation today.

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What Is the Best Security System for a Home?

Life is unpredictable, but protecting your home is easier with our help. Use this buyer’s guide to navigate our different security options. One of our security packages is sure to meet your needs to help you achieve top-notch safety for everything you care about.

Every home is different, so you need an alarm security system with the best devices for your situation. Let Wayne Alarm help find the perfect home alarm system for you.

Home Burglar Alarm Systems

There is a burglary every 25.7 seconds in the United States.

It is a fact that homes with a professionally installed home security system are far less likely to be the victims of an attempted break-in and are even more unlikely to be the victims of a successful burglary attempt. The top residential security companies, like Wayne Alarm Systems, understand that burglars may attempt several different methods of getting into your home, so we offer various security solutions for your home in the greater Boston area.

In addition to the custom security solutions we provide — such as alarm panels, motion detectors, glass break sensors, window sensors and home security cameras — we also offer a key fob, which is a wireless device designed to arm/disarm your home alarm system. You can also use it to activate a panic alarm that will immediately alert our professional monitoring center. Browse our burglar systems to see the kinds of protection we can offer you.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Systems

There are over $14 billion in annual losses from residential fires. Don’t be part of the statistic.

Wayne Alarm Systems wants to be more than just your trusted residential security system provider. We want to protect you and your family in every way we possibly can. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art fire and carbon monoxide protection systems for your home. When it comes to fire and carbon monoxide in your home, fast action can be the difference between life and death. That’s why the proper devices and 24/7 monitoring are so critical.

Having trained, professional monitoring center operators who can respond immediately to a monitored fire or carbon monoxide alarm dramatically increases emergency personnel response time. Even seconds can make a vast difference. Learn more about our alarm monitoring services today.

Our high-quality, modern detection technology protects your family as much as possible from deadly fires and carbon monoxide leaks. Our 24/7 monitoring center will immediately notify your local fire station of a crisis, increasing your chances of preventing loss.

Environmental Monitoring

Do you own a seasonal home? Do you frequently travel or spend hours at a time away from home?

You’ve done everything you can to protect your home and your possessions. You’ve hired the best home security company to install and monitor your burglar and fire alarms. You take great care to make sure all of your home’s systems are in good working order. But there’s only so much you can do when you’re not on the premises.

Environmental monitoring from Wayne Alarm Systems notifies you about what happens in your home when you’re not there. It can shut off water in case of a burst pipe and let you know if the temperature has gotten too high or too low. Let our range of features give you the peace of mind to go anywhere for any length of time, knowing you’ll always be aware of your home’s environmental conditions.

Environmental monitoring can also be vital if you have an elderly relative who wants to live independently. Our service will notify you if a change in environmental conditions poses a danger that they may not have the capacity to notice or act upon themselves.

Providing low/high-temperature alarms, water/flooding detection, humidity detection and carbon dioxide detection, our highly trained dispatchers and computerized environmental management systems alert you the moment of an environmental hiccup in your home, increasing your chances of preventing any disaster.

Medical Alert and Personal Emergency Response System for Senior Safety

Wayne Alarm Systems can give you 24/7 help at the push of a button.

How often do you worry about what happens if you have a medical crisis when you are at home alone? Even more commonly, how concerned are you about an elderly relative who lives independently? Our Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is a top pick for getting fast responses during a medical emergency. You can relax knowing that you or a loved one is always within reach of help during a crisis.

Feel safe knowing we are a push of a button away. Our PERS is perfect for those who live at home alone and would like to have the security of knowing a trained, 24/7 live operator is available to speak with over the console to take care of them. Allow your loved ones the freedom of independence. Make the PERS from Wayne Alarm Systems part of your comprehensive monitoring plan.

Smart Home Automation Systems

Explore our smart home Offerings

Let your favorite home security company also be your smart home security system provider.

Smart devices are growing in popularity, and we designed our home automation systems with your lifestyle in mind. Home automation makes your home convenient, safe and more enjoyable than ever. Some of our smart home devices include the following:

With cellular monitoring options, you can check on your home when you’re away at the office, grocery store or on vacation. Use voice commands with Google Assistant to lock doors and adjust your home’s lighting. You can even use your smartphone as a security system control panel with our mobile app. It’s all thanks to the possibilities of smart security systems. Enjoy security and peace of mind by having your alarm monitored 24/7 by our monitoring center in Lynn, Mass. Explore our smart security options today.

Video Surveillance Systems

Focus on what matters most with video surveillance and security kits from Wayne Alarm Systems.

Invest in indoor and outdoor security with Wayne Alarm Systems. Keep an eye on your kids’ or pets’ whereabouts or whether an eagerly awaited package got delivered with our indoor and outdoor cameras. Our video monitoring and home automation systems send 10-second video clips as a text or email to your smartphone every time there is a detected motion, so you stay updated, informed and in control.

Using our night vision capabilities, you can keep watch over your property even in the middle of the night. And remember to install an outdoor security camera over your garage doors to deter criminals from even thinking about targeting your home. Sometimes, a high-quality alarm security kit is the best type of homeowner insurance. You can feel comfortable and confident with Wayne Security Systems as your security provider.

Learn more about our home security cameras and video doorbells today.

What Should I Look for When Buying & Installing a Home Security System?

Choosing the right professional monitoring system is a crucial decision. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when buying a home security system:

  • The right equipment packages: There are many options available, so make sure you’re getting all the equipment you need to feel safe and secure.
  • Ease of installation: Will the alarm system be easy to install? Make sure you talk to the professionals to learn more.
  • Pro installation: Does the security company offer installation services? Wayne Alarm Systems is your turnkey solution for home security. Our professional installers will help you every step of the way.
  • The system cost: How much does a security system cost? Are there any monthly fees? Your home security system cost will depend on the features you’re looking for and how much installation the system requires. We will work with you every step of the way to answer all your price-related questions and make sure you’re getting the best system for your budget.

Choose Wayne Alarm Systems for Your Home Security & Alarm Installation Needs

We can’t control everything, but we can give your home the protection you and your family deserve.

Let Wayne Alarm Systems’ trained professionals give you newfound peace of mind about your family and possessions. We’ll be your base station for home security during the quiet and busy days of your life in any of the communities we serve. We hope you’ll contact us today for professional monitoring and home security system installation.

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