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Home Security Systems in Lynn, MA

We can’t control everything, but we can be sure that your home is as protected as possible.

Let Wayne Alarm’s local trained professionals give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your family and possessions.

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Burglar Systems

There is a burglary every seven seconds in the United States.

It is an established fact that homes with a reputable home security service are far less likely to be the victims of an attempted break-in and are even more unlikely to be the victims of a successful burglary attempt. The top home security companies, like Wayne Alarm Systems, understand that burglars may attempt several different methods of getting into your home, so we offer a variety of security solutions for your home in the Greater Boston area.

In addition to the custom security solutions we offer such as alarm panels motion sensors, glass break sensors, etc., essential for security, Wayne Alarm offers a key FOB, which is a wireless device designed to arm/ disarm.  It can also be used as a panic alarm which will alert the monitoring center the moment it is activated.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Over 7 Billion in Losses Annually. Don’t be part of the statistic.

Wayne Alarm Systems wants to be more than just your trusted home security provider. We want to protect you and your family in every way we possibly can. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art fire and carbon monoxide protection systems for your home. When it comes to fire and carbon monoxide in your home, fast action can literally be the difference between life and death. That’s why the proper devices and 24/7 monitoring are so important.

Having trained monitoring center operators who can respond immediately to a monitored fire or carbon monoxide alarm dramatically increases emergency personnel response time. Even seconds can make a huge difference.

Wayne Alarm’s highest quality and newest detection technology ensures that your family is as protected as possible from deadly fires and carbon monoxide leaks. Our 24/7 monitoring center ensures that your local fire station is notified immediately of a crisis, increasing your chances of preventing any sort of loss.

Environmental Monitoring

Do you own a seasonal home?  Do you travel often or are unable to be at home 24/7?

You’ve done everything you can to protect your home and your possessions. You’ve hired the best home security company to install and monitor your burglar and fire alarms. You take great care to make sure all of your home’s systems are in good working order. But there’s only so much you can do when you’re not on the premises.

Environmental monitoring from Wayne Alarm Systems notifies you about what happens in your home when you’re not there. It can shut off water in case of a burst pipe, let you know if the temperature has gotten too high or too low and present you with a variety of features that can give you the peace of mind to go anywhere for any length of time knowing that you will be precisely aware of your home’s environmental conditions.

Environmental monitoring can also be extremely useful if you have an elderly relative who wants to live independently. With environmental monitoring, you can be notified if there is a change in environmental conditions that could pose a danger that they may not have the wherewithal to notice or take action on themselves.

Providing low/ high temperature alarms, water/ flooding detection, humidity detection, and carbon dioxide detection, our highly trained dispatchers and computerized environmental management systems alert you the moment of an environmental hiccup in your home, increasing your chances of preventing any disaster.

Medical Alert (PERS)

24/7 Help at the Push of a Button

How often do we worry about what happens if we have a medical crisis when we are at home alone? Even more commonly, how often do we worry about an elderly relative who insists on living independently? With our Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), you can relax knowing that you or a loved one is always within fast access to help in a crisis situation.

Feel safe knowing we are a push of a button– and a town–  away. Perfect for those who live at home alone, and would like to have the security knowing A trained, 24/7 live operator will speak to you over the console and make sure you’re taken care of. Allow your loved ones freedom of independence in their own home

Massachusetts Department of Professional Licensure
License No. C-1111

Massachusetts Department of Public Safety
S-License No. SS CO 0160

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