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Access Control Systems

Whether it is your home or business that needs our top of the line services, we are happy to assist you. We understand the importance of developing a system that works for your unique needs, because every situation needs a custom solution.

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Leave it to us to uncover the who, what, where and when about who is entering or leaving. We’ll let you uncover the why.

Our professional access control service, support, and monitoring will ensure that your business in Greater Boston, no matter how big or small, is locked down and secure.

With Wayne Alarm access control systems, you can:

Perform a facility or area lockdown from any PC or proximity reader

While you will hopefully never have to lock down your facility, do you have a mechanism in place for doing so in the case of an emergency? Should a major disaster strike that requires you to quickly and fully block access to your business, it’s nice to know there are business access control systems that can allow you to do it. Wayne Alarm Systems can install them for you so you can enjoy complete protection, even in the most extreme emergency situations.

Integrate motion detectors, glass breaks, door contacts and panic buttons to track and assign alarm conditions from a single interface

To be effective, reliable access control security systems for business need to be matched with a comprehensive intrusion detection system that will let you know almost instantly if someone tries to break into your business. We can design a system that will do just that, and show you how to operate it so you can easily adjust security for your business as you need to.

Interface your video security with your card access system

Video access control systems for business allow you to combine complete monitoring of your facility while you can control who comes in and out and when.

Create a map with active icons to enunciate system status, control doors, call up video and show employee photos as they pass through protected doors

One of the main benefits you’ll find with a business access monitoring system is the ability to know at a glance who is in your facility and what areas they are accessing. Even if you restrict access to certain employees, you can’t always control when an employee visits an area they are authorized to enter. With a Wayne Alarm business access monitoring system, no one will ever be able to wander in an area of your facility where or when they don’t belong without you knowing about it.

Run a myriad of custom reports when you need to know who accessed what area and when

You have a lot to keep track of as a busy business owner, so to make the most out of your remote access control for a business facility, we allow you to call up reports detailing who has been where and when, so you’re covered even those times when you are not able to monitor your facility in real time.

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Wayne Alarm Systems has a tradition of over half a century of providing reliable security solutions to North Shore Massachusetts businesses. Our expertly designed remote access control business systems can give you more control over the security of your business than you ever imagined. Contact us for more information and a free quote on business access control systems today.

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