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Event-Based Video Monitoring

Event-Based Video Monitoring


Event-based video monitoring includes live monitoring of surveillance cameras 24/7 by professional agents. No more waiting until after the event has already occurred to respond—react in the moment and prevent theft or damage before it happens. 

Choose the areas of your property to be notified about activity inside of. Set notifications to occur 24/7 or only within a certain timeframe. Everything is adjustable and customizable: get the exact system you need for your home or business. 

Event-based video monitoring system integrates seamlessly with your existing video surveillance system. View a live feed from your cameras from anywhere, anytime with their cloud-based system. 



There are many advantages to using event-based video monitoring in your security system. 

Instead of recording 24/7 and taking up storage space on a computer or in the cloud, you can set recording parameters to only record when motion is detected. 

Reduce false alarms. Intrusion detection is more reliable than traditional motion detection because sensitivity settings can be customized. Designate only a certain area to be alerted to motion within, and set the minimum and maximum size of an object to trigger an alert. Now people will set off your alarm, but squirrels won’t. 

Event-based video monitoring has many monetary advantages as well. Save money by eliminating the need for an on-site security guard. Please your insurance provider and reduce your insurance costs by investing in video monitoring. 

Audio Talk-Down 

Another advantage of event-based video monitoring is that it allows for live audio talk-downs. These are warnings delivered in real time over independent speakers. A live professional agent can inform intruders or would-be thieves that they are being watched and ask them to leave before police intervention becomes necessary. 

Stop crimes before they happen. Audio talk-downs are proactive deterrents, rather than reactive security methods such as watching recorded footage after the incident has occurred. 

Event-based video monitoring is becoming more and more popular with insurance providers. The ability to monitor live video streams can reduce your insurance premium. 



There are many applications for event-based video monitoring. 

Home security systems benefit from video surveillance. A live professional agent will get a notification if someone enters your property and will react accordingly. Adjust the camera sensitivity to your preferred range. Set the maximum and minimum size of objects to be detected entering the area to prevent false alarms from animals. 

Commercial properties can also benefit from event-based video monitoring. Know instantly when someone trespasses on your property or enters outside of normal business hours. 

Add event-based video monitoring to the existing security system in your:

  • Store
  • Office 
  • Warehouse 
  • Dealership 
  • Construction site


Construction Sites

A common application of event-based video monitoring is for construction sites.

Event-based video monitoring is perfect for construction sites that are left unattended overnight. These sites are often the targets of theft, vandalism, and trespassing. 

Wayne Alarm’s intrusion detection sends out real-time alerts to professional monitoring agents when an object enters a designated area within the camera’s field of view. Catch an intruder before they get the chance to interfere with your equipment. 

Video monitoring allows managers to check in on their sites from anywhere, anytime they want. Adding event-based video monitoring to existing camera systems provides peace of mind, knowing that security professionals will be instantly alerted to any activity outside of specified hours or areas. 

There are also financial benefits to using event-based video monitoring on your construction site. Event-based notifications eliminate the need to pay a security guard to either patrol the site or actively watch the camera feeds. Many insurance companies offer lower premiums to cover construction sites with video monitoring.

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