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Smart Lighting


Leviton Z-Wave Plug

The freedom to wirelessly control any outlet

With the Z-Wave Plug you have the convenience to plug any appliance into the outlet, and control it over your smartphone through the Total Connect App. Turn on or off a light, your television or even your coffee pot. This is an essential piece of technology for a 21st century home.

You can even set timers through the Total Connect App to turn your appliance on. For example, if you’re away on vacation you can set your lamps to come on from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM daily to deter burglaries. Upgrade your home into the 21st century with the Z-Wave Plug.


Leviton Z-Wave Switch

The freedom to wirelessly control your light fixtures

With the Z-Wave Switch Panel you can connect any light switch or ceiling fan to it, and have access to the controls wirelessly.  Hook it up and be able to turn on your lights or fans from the touch of a button. You also have the ability to control the brightness through the dimmer. Install a Z-Wave switch in your home today to bring your home up to date.

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