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Home Lighting Automation


How many times have you come home and fumbled with your keys in the dark? Have you left for a family vacation wishing you could turn your lights on and off in the evening to make it look like you’re at home and discourage burglars? If so, we understand. We turn off lights during the day and when we’re away to save energy and cut utility costs. Yet having added control over your home’s lights comes with several benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Turn on your outside lights to help you unlock doors.
  • Safety: Make climbing stairs at night safer.
  • Visibility: Illuminate your driveway for visibility.
  • Prevention of intruders: Create the appearance that your family is home by turning lights off and on each evening.
  • Aesthetics: Give your house a welcoming glow by controlling outlets for Christmas trees, lamps and other decorative lighting.

With automated lighting, you can turn your lights on when it’s convenient for you without having to leave them on all day. Some lighting solutions, like automated outlets, will allow you to control more than just your lights. Imagine leaving in a hurry and being unable to remember if you’ve turned the curling iron off. If you have an automated outlet control, just a tap with your finger will allow you to relax again without having to go back home.

Enjoy the perks of an automated lighting system with products from Wayne Alarm Systems. Our trained employees will even set the right devices up for you. Two of our top recommendations for home lighting automation are outlet control and automated light switches.

Home Automation Outlet Control

Automated outlet control will let you access the electronics you plug into normal outlets and change their settings from anywhere. Just plug the automated outlet into your wall outlet and plug the appliance into the new outlet. Once you do, you’ll be all set to turn on morning essentials before getting out of bed or turn off the lamp you forgot when you left your office. The best part? You can control the automated outlet completely from your phone.

Our favorite home automation outlet is the Leviton Z-Wave PlugJu:

Leviton Z-Wave Plug

The freedom to wirelessly control any outlet

With the Z-Wave Plug you have the convenience to plug any appliance into the outlet, and control it over your smartphone through the Total Connect App. Turn on or off a light, your television or even your coffee pot. This is an essential piece of technology for a 21st century home.

You can even set timers through the Total Connect App to turn your appliance on. For example, if you’re away on vacation you can set your lamps to come on from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM daily to deter burglaries. Upgrade your home into the 21st century with the Z-Wave Plug.


Home Automation Light Switches

An automated light switch will let you illuminate or darken an entire room with the touch of a button. Doing so at regular intervals in the evening and later at night will create the illusion that you’re home even if you’re far away. Light up your home on the drive back from work for an extra touch of comfort. Instead of stumbling through the dark and using the glow of your phone’s flashlight to find light switches, push a button on your phone and bring your home’s lights to life.

There are plenty of automated light switches, but our favorite is the Leviton Z-Wave Switch.

Leviton Z-Wave Switch

The freedom to wirelessly control your light fixtures

With the Z-Wave Switch Panel you can connect any light switch or ceiling fan to it, and have access to the controls wirelessly.  Hook it up and be able to turn on your lights or fans from the touch of a button. You also have the ability to control the brightness through the dimmer. Install a Z-Wave switch in your home today to bring your home up to date.

Wayne Alarms Systems Installs Automated Lighting Systems

Wayne Alarms Systems has dedicated more than 50 years to customer service. As smart lighting options evolve, so does the expertise of our trained employees. When you request a quote or call for more information, our team will help you choose the best fit for your needs and preferences.

Wayne Alarms Systems is proud to serve Massachusetts and New England with our stellar customer service and careful installation. When you enlist our help, you can rest assured that we’ll prioritize your lighting’s proper function and long-term use.

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