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Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Whether it is your home or business that needs our top of the line services, we are happy to assist you. We understand the importance of developing a system that works for your unique needs, because every situation needs a custom solution.

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Limitless Applications for your Business

From monitoring shoplifting, to being sure the cash stays in the cash drawer, Wayne Alarm understands how essential 24/7 video surveillance is for your business.

Set specific zones so when someone enters a restricted room, you can receive an e-mail or video notification straight on your mobile device

Having remote access to video surveillance is like having eyes on your business all the time. When you choose Wayne Alarm as your 24/7 video surveillance monitoring company, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that no one can ever go somewhere they shouldn’t in your facility without you knowing about it, no matter where you are. And because you’ll know right away, you can act fast if necessary to correct the situation before it becomes a big security problem.

On premise or cloud video access offers you the ability to pan, tilt and zoom in on the situation

Our business video security systems give you the level of sophistication that was at one time only the province of casinos, banks and government agencies. We can set up business security camera systems that can turn anywhere you are with your internet enabled device into a high-tech security control room, letting you access and control any video capture to get you all the information you need to protect your facility.

Enjoy custom solutions that are just right for your business

A cookie-cutter CCTV company may be able to provide you with video surveillance, but it might not be the right kind of video surveillance for your business. Different businesses have different needs when it comes to video surveillance, depending on the size of your business, your hours, the physical layout and what your major concerns are. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we understand that. We aren’t one of those video surveillance security companies who just shows up, installs your system in a pre-programmed way and leaves. We send trained, experienced security design experts to consult with you and find out what your specific security needs are and design a customized security solution that’s just for your business.

At Wayne Alarm, we are the unquestioned experts when it comes to video surveillance, monitoring and other security solutions for Massachusetts businesses in the Greater Boston area. We have the experience, we have the knowledge and we have the reputation to give you the complete security protection you need to allow your business to thrive.

For over 40 years, we have been servicing large and small businesses in North Shore Massachusetts. Call us for a free consultation today and speak with a caring representative.

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