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Medical Alert Systems

Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, we all deserve freedom and independence in our own home knowing that, in the event of an emergency, a trusted, industry-certified, trained and committed group of professionals are standing by.

You can feel safe knowing that we, unlike our competitors, are right around the corner when you need help, not hundreds of miles–or another country–away.

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Medical Emergency Alert Systems

One of the biggest concerns that many people have — especially as we get older or if we have older relatives — is what will we do if there is some kind of medical emergency when we are alone or our older loved one is alone. Medical alert systems have been around for a while, but the best ones are monitored medical alert systems.

Wayne Alarm offers fully-monitored systems with 24/7 medical alert monitoring in North Shore Massachusetts. There’s no calling the company and hoping someone is by the phone on the other end. Our professional medical life alert operators are constantly vigilant, waiting for that call to come in so they can act fast.

Professional Medical Life Alert Operators

When it comes to the people that Wayne Alarm has working our monitoring station, we don’t just take anyone who walks in the door. This is not a job that just anyone can do. Our professional medical life alert operators may hold someone’s life in their hands. We know this and we make sure they know it too.

Having Wayne Alarm install one of our reliable monitored medical alert systems in your home is the next best thing to having a trained emergency service professional watching over you at all times. Press the call button and one of our highly skilled operators will spring into action, assessing the situation and notifying the necessary personnel to help immediately.

High-Tech Medical Alert Equipment

If you’re purchasing alert technology for your medical safety or the safety of a loved one, what better place to get it than unquestioned experts in home security? Wayne Alarm is the perfect marriage of people and technology — not only for theft and fire protection but for medical emergency assistance as well.

Our medical alert system is comprised of high-quality, highly-sensitive microphones that can pick up a distress call even from another room, with equipment that you can count on to function just as advertised exactly when you need it.

How Do Medical Alert Monitoring Systems Work?

Wayne Alarm protects you and your family in cases of a medical emergency with four simple steps:

Step 1. 24/7 alert monitoring
Our caring professionals are standing by 24/7 at our local monitoring station in case of a medical emergency. These professional monitoring station operators have been carefully vetted for their vigilance and ability to respond quickly and clearly in a crisis situation.

Step 2. You make the call
Our Alarm Monitoring Central Station will be immediately alerted via a single, easily accessible ‘EMERGENCY’ button. A wireless remote activator in the base unit allows you to activate the system when you are away from the main receiver–whether you’re in another room or enjoying time in your backyard.

Step 3. Two-way communication
Once alerted, Wayne Alarm PERS units allow for direct two-way radio communication between you and our Monitoring Center Alarm Dispatcher. A high-quality microphone in the base unit allows you to be heard clearly from another room or even over large distances, offering you total mobility and peace of mind.

Step 4. Call to action
The appropriate emergency personnel will be contacted and dispatched to your home immediately.

Protect Your Health & Your Family Members Today

There is nothing more tragic than a health catastrophe that could have been avoided if only medical professionals were able to respond in time. Our monitored medical alert systems can help keep that from happening to you or one of your family members. The peace of mind you’ll gain by knowing that you or an elderly loved one is never far from life-saving medical attention, even when alone in one’s own home, is priceless.

A health emergency can strike at any time, so there’s no time to waste. We’re ready to install and set up your monitored medical alert system right now. Please contact Wayne Alarm for more information on fully-monitored medical alert systems with 24/7 medical alert monitoring today.

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