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Smart Locks for Home Automation Systems

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Home automation makes simple functions like turning on lights and adjusting the temperature accessible from anywhere. These features are convenient for keeping your home comfortable and saving on energy costs. High-tech devices can also make your house safer. When our customers express their need to feel safer in their homes, the team at Wayne Alarm Systems recommends automated locks for home security.

What Is a Smart Door Lock?

A wireless automated door lock is a computerized security mechanism. Older home automation door locks require a homeowner to use the interface to set and disarm their system. Today’s solutions will let you control your locks with compatible devices like your phone or laptop. Ensure your home’s security from anywhere. Whether you’re at work, on vacation or grocery shopping, avoid the uneasy feeling that you may have forgotten to lock the door, and take care of it easily with automated door locks.

Choosing Smart Door Locks for Home Security

Like other home automation products, locks come in models that range from basic to high-tech. Take advantage of the possibilities and get the most peace of mind by choosing your features.

When you pursue home automation, consider a few questions before deciding on a new lock:

  • How often will you use your system?
  • Where will you adjust your locks?
  • What devices do you want to connect?
  • What other automated devices do you have/want?
  • What kind of interface do you want to use?
  • Which devices will you connect to your lock system?
  • Does having a deadbolt make you feel safer?
  • Do you want to use a physical key?
  • Who will have access to your home?
  • Will you set a schedule?
  • What kind of alerts do you want?

At Wayne Alarm Systems, we have more than 50 years of experience helping our customers feel more secure in their homes. Automated door locks are a great way to keep your family and your home safe. Two of our favorite smart locks are Kwikset locks and the August Smart Control Lock.


Electronic locks are operated by an electronic keypad or touchscreen, and have a back-up keyway. Enter your home with a customized access code and lock your door with the touch of a button.  Adding to your security system solution with a Kwikset lock with Home Connect technology will allow the lock to talk wirelessly to security and home automation systems via Z-Wave®. This will enable you to lock and unlock your doors remotely via your Total Connect app on your phone, tablet or computer.

One important difference between the Kwikset lock and comparable models is that Z-Wave locks use an extra step to communicate with your home automation system. Your lock will connect to a hub somewhere nearby in your home. The hub will then turn your lock’s signal into one that’s more compatible with your Wi-Fi router. Once your Kwikset lock is connected to your network through the hub, you can enjoy the full functionality of your new automated door locks.

August Smart Control Locks

August Smart Control Lock

Leaving a spare key has never been easier.

The August Smart Control Lock is a deadbolt lock that syncs wirelessly to your phone, giving you complete control of who comes in. Grant access to your family permanently, or temporarily give access to your friends. Set a schedule so only certain people are allowed in at certain times, and you can even see when they leave. Every access has a different keycode, so you will know who entered and at what time, and even receive notifications right to your phone if you wish. The August Smart Lock is a revolutionary product that will quickly extinct locks as we know it.

Installation of the August Smart Control lock is fast and easy because your old locks can stay in place. The new lock will clamp around your old deadbolt. Since your original lock will still be intact, you can use your keys as an alternative to locking and unlocking the system digitally. Convenience and security make this lock one of our top recommendations.

Choose Wayne Alarm Systems for Wireless Door Lock Installation

Our team is proud to offer professional installation services to our customers in Massachusetts and other New England areas. We’re passionate about your security and satisfaction. That’s why we’ll listen to you when you tell us about your priorities, recommending a lock that aligns with your needs. Your home is the place where you should feel safest, and we’re dedicated to finding the perfect automated security solutions for you and your family.

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