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Smart Door Locks for Home Security

Wayne Alarm Lock


Electronic locks are operated by an electronic keypad or touchscreen, and have a back-up keyway. Enter your home with a customized access code and lock your door with the touch of a button.  Adding to your security system solution with a Kwikset lock with Home Connect technology will allow the lock to talk wirelessly to security and home automation systems via Z-Wave®. This will enable you to lock and unlock your doors remotely via your Total Connect app on your phone, tablet or computer.

August Smart Control Locks

August Smart Control Lock

Leaving a spare key has never been easier.

The August Smart Control Lock is a deadbolt lock that syncs wirelessly to your phone, giving you complete control of who comes in. Grant access to your family permanently, or temporarily give access to your friends. Set a schedule so only certain people are allowed in at certain times, and you can even see when they leave. Every access has a different keycode, so you will know who entered and at what time, and even receive notifications right to your phone if you wish. The August Smart Lock is a revolutionary product that will quickly extinct locks as we know it.

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