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Environmental Alarm Systems & Monitoring

Whether it is your home or business that needs our top of the line services, we are happy to assist you. We understand the importance of developing a system that works for your unique needs, because every situation needs a custom solution.

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Let us be your eyes and ears when you cannot.

Coming home to a broken pipe is a costly mistake that would have been prevented with a temperature alarm system, water sensor and a water shut off valve. Once connected to our monitoring services, one of our highly trained dispatchers will call you immediately upon receiving a temperature alert signal so that you can get home before disaster strikes. And, because we are a local company, we understand the weather conditions in the area, allowing us to go above and beyond in providing stellar support.

We provide environmental monitoring systems specifically designed to protect you, your family and your home, including:

High/Low-Temperature Alarms

A home temperature monitoring system consists of simple sensors you can place in any room where you want to control the temperature at all times. There are many useful reasons for home temperature monitoring. A home temperature alert system can allow you nearly instant notification if your room temperature gets too high or too low.

The multiple benefits of having a temperature alarm system for the home include finding out it is too cold before pipes freeze, preventing the growth of mold due to humidity or making sure the temperature is at a comfortable level when elderly relatives are alone in the home.

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Water Detection Sensors

Why do you need a home water detection system? People rarely think about the effects of water damage on their homes, but in fact, after wind damage, water damage is the highest cause of home insurance claims. Having a flood detection system for the home could have prevented or reduced the damage for over 90 percent of those claims.

Choose Wayne Alarm as your water detection monitoring company, and we will provide you with water sensors so our monitoring center will know immediately if you have a water leak in your home, so you can take fast action before major damage occurs.
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Carbon Monoxide Detection

A carbon monoxide leak in your home can be deadly, and what makes carbon monoxide so dangerous is that it is a silent killer. Carbon monoxide has no odor, makes no sound and is invisible. Your carbon monoxide detection system could be the only thing that lets you know you have a carbon monoxide leak and could be the only thing that saves you or a family member’s life if one occurs.

Don’t leave something so vital to the safety of you and your family to chance. Contact Wayne Alarm now for reliable, accurate carbon monoxide detection for your home.

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The Dome Water valve Shut-off is designed to fit over existing 1/4 turn ball-valves for pipes sized up to 1.5 inches. No professional plumbing contractor is required. The Dome can be connected to your home security system with its z-wave pairing technology. This means that you can open or close your valve remotely anywhere in the world via your smartphone. The valve can also be linked to a water sensor to automatically turn to the closed position from when it first senses water to minimize any damages.

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