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Warehouse Security System

Warehouses present unique security risks for businesses. They store large quantities of goods and may be under less scrutiny than public spaces like retail locations. Without the proper precautions, warehouses are at risk for burglary and theft.

Purchasing a warehouse security system is good insurance against future financial loss. The proper surveillance and security measures discourage theft by creating too much risk. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we offer high-quality warehouse alarm systems with the best equipment to protect your warehouse and your operations.

Burglar and Theft Protection

Warehouse theft is a major problem for many companies. Proactive behavior is your best option for protecting your bottom line and ensuring your goods are secure.

At Wayne Alarm Systems, we offer video surveillance, warehouse alarm systems, and more so you can feel confident about security in your facility. We offer 24/7 monitoring services with our own monitoring center. Live operators respond to alarm activations to get the proper authorities to your warehouse.

Video Surveillance

Concerned about what might happen when you’re not looking? Our team will work with you to create a video surveillance system that’s customized to your industrial space. Once installed, our cameras can be easily accessed and controlled over electronic devices.

In addition to protecting your property from intruders, video surveillance systems discourage employee theft. They can also boost productivity and give employees peace of mind about their personal safety while on the job.

Access Control

One of the most effective ways to secure your facility is to monitor everyone who comes in and goes out. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we offer complex access control systems that monitor both exterior and interior exits at your facility. Access cards will give employees access to the appropriate spaces.

In combination with security cameras, our access cards ensure you know who can enter specific warehouse spaces at all times. This control makes it easy to trace suspicious behavior back to each user. Higher accountability means less risk of theft and the resources to trace theft if it occurs.

We can integrate your access control and intrusion detection with the rest of your security system, letting you monitor your warehouse from one interface.

Benefits of Security Systems for Warehouses

Many businesses are required to put security measures in place by local laws or their insurance companies. In addition to following requirements, the benefits of warehouse security systems go far beyond any original investment. They include:

  • Minimal loss of goods
  • Higher productivity
  • Potential insurance benefits
  • Peace of mind
  • Improved employee safety

The earlier you put a security system in place at your warehouse, the better. Using these systems creates a culture of accountability, ensuring you run a tight and profitable facility.

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