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Business Fire Alarms & Smoke Detectors

Fire alarm and smoke detector technology to keep your business safe.


Trusted Business Fire System Company

When using Wayne Alarm fire systems to protect your business, you receive the highest quality and newest smoke detection technology. When an alarm sounds at your business, our 24/7 monitoring center in Lynn, MA, is alerted as soon as you are. From there, an immediate call to dispatch is placed, increasing your chances of limiting any loss.

Unlike stand-alone units, all of our fire detection systems are linked directly to your entire security system and will sound the alert and summon help whether you’re at work or away. With a fire alarm monitoring system for your business, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your business in Greater Boston is safe. If it is ever in fire danger, you will immediately know about it.

Over 50 Years of Monitored Fire Alarm Experience

As a leading commercial fire alarm company, Wayne Alarm Systems has served communities in North Shore, Massachusetts, and throughout New England for more than 50 years. We take pride in ensuring that the members of our community, including businesses and homeowners, are safe.

We have our own commercial fire alarm monitoring team at Wayne Alarm Systems — we never outsource this service. You can feel assured that someone looking out for your business is a part of your own community instead of being located hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Our own 5 Diamond center is UL listed and has an eight-second response time. Compared to the 60-second industry average, our much faster reaction time will deliver the response you need.


Smoke Detectors

The alarm will alert you when the smoke appears, and the fire department can also be dispatched to your business while you evacuate your employees and customers. While most commercial fire alarm systems can equip you with a smoke detector, monitored fire alarm systems for businesses allow us to verify that the smoke is indicative of real fire danger and to get the proper emergency services to your business fast.


Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

Carbon monoxide is a by-product of burning gas, oil, coal, or wood. If a fuel-burning appliance malfunction or is not properly ventilated, this colorless and odorless gas can collect and become a health hazard to your employees and your clients. A fire monitoring system for a business that does not include carbon monoxide detection is not sufficiently protecting your employees, customers, and staff. Your very life could depend on the quick notification of a carbon monoxide issue in your facility that a Wayne Alarm fire alarm system can provide.


Gas Detectors & Alarms

A gas leak gone undetected can cause major property damage when exposed to sparks or open flame. On top of the damage caused to business, you can experience symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and irregular breathing. It can be very difficult to detect a gas leak quickly without the proper detection equipment, which is another reason a fire alarm system from Wayne Alarm Systems is so important.


Heat & Temperature Alarms

Fire detection companies for businesses may not address the needs of certain businesses and adhere to current codes and standards. For example, in restaurants, smoke alarms in the kitchen will not be very effective and even counterproductive, as the natural course of cooking will almost certainly produce enough smoke to trigger the alarm. Wayne Alarm can provide you with a monitored fire alarm that is triggered when the heat reaches a level that would indicate a possible fire.

Common Questions About Business Fire Alarms

There are a number of different reasons to install a commercial fire alarm system in your business. First is the peace of mind that comes with the installation for yourself, your employees, and your customers or clients. You won’t have to worry about the safety of the building, and if a fire emergency does occur, everyone will be notified promptly and can evacuate the building safely.

Installing one of our business fire detection systems shows that you care about their safety. If you educate your employees about what to do during a fire emergency and post protocols for customers or clients to see, they’ll know you care about more than just promoting your brand and selling your product or service.

A fire alarm system for your business will also act as a precaution against liability. You may not be eligible for your full insurance benefits if you don’t have a system in place when you experience a fire emergency. In that case, you’d be liable for covering the damages yourself. The system helps protect your assets, including your inventory, equipment, the building itself and more.

With an effective and efficient fire alarm system from a trusted commercial fire alarm company, your business is less likely to see as much damage if a fire does occur. Your system will work around the clock to watch over your business, even when no one is around. When you know you can rely on your commercial fire alarms to put in that amount of work, you can focus on other, more important matters.

By being proactive and installing a commercial fire alarm and smoke detectors, you can protect everything about the physical building where your business resides. Everything will be covered if that means evacuating employees, clients, and customers to safety or preventing damage to your assets. Without such coverage, you risk damage and the negative effects that come with it. Even with fire insurance coverage, the payout may not cover everything. You could be forced to pay hard-earned money out of your pocket to get your business back to top condition.

The time it could take to complete repairs can also damage your business. You may miss appointments, important shipments, and other deadlines, resulting in various losses and problems. Your fire alarm system will work to prevent all these issues from coming up, even when the building is not occupied.

Installing a fire detection system will also help you comply with regulations and laws in your area. Many states and municipalities require fire alarm systems in commercial properties. When you’re searching for the right system for your business, make sure to do some research about these types of laws, which should help guide your decision.


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