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Alarm Monitoring Services

What happens when an alarm or emergency event occurs at your home or business? Did you know that not all fire and burglar alarm systems will alert your local police, fire or emergency medical services departments?

Today, when anything triggers your alarm, a monitoring center such as Wayne Alarm Systems in Lynn, Mass., receives that signal. We then provide call verification to ensure the event is genuine and notify the appropriate authorities once we have verified it.

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What Is an Alarm Monitoring System?

A professional alarm monitoring system acts fast to limit damages and protect property during attempted break-ins. Detect numerous unwelcome situations with automated home security services and products monitored by trained professional dispatchers. Monitored features can include burglar alarms, motion sensors, glass break sensors, video surveillance and more.

When a break-in attempt occurs, the live operators continuously monitoring your system will respond to the signal immediately. We meet alarm activations with quick response times, so the proper authorities can arrive on the scene as quickly as possible. Alarm monitoring systems may even link with numerous other safety-conscious services — such as fire alarms, access control, temperature control and environmental control — to further protect your home against burglary and fire.

While you can purchase and use an alarm system without monitoring, you will notice the unmonitored system may not perform several essential functions that alarm companies provide. We recommend a professionally monitored alarm system that guarantees year-round assistance because hazards like burglaries and fires are unpredictable. Unmonitored home security systems may require do-it-yourself installation with limited or unreliable protection.

Invest in an alarm system that notifies the proper local authorities at all times, with sufficient monitoring 24/7/365.

Professional Alarm Monitoring Service, Support and Results

With Wayne Alarm Systems, trained professional dispatchers handle all events. Once our monitoring center operators receive an alarm signal, we contact your call list and follow procedures to ensure we accurately dispatch. We then instruct the proper local authorities to respond to your alarm signal, such as the fire department, police or EMS. Due to our intensive employee training, our response time is typically under eight seconds.

If you need reliable security monitoring services in North Shore Massachusetts, it’s time to get in touch with Wayne Alarm Systems. In today’s environment, a standard burglar alarm is not sufficient. You need a top alarm monitoring company that allows you to act fast to limit the amount of damage intruders cause and catch them before they get away with your valuables. For those reasons, Wayne Alarm Systems is the monitoring center for you.

Whether you need security monitoring systems for your business or home, Wayne Alarm Systems has a full range of services that will provide you peace of mind and a feeling of protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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A Monitoring System With Worthwhile Solutions

Our Honeywell smart home automation systems allow homeowners to feel safe and comfortable — whether they are inside or away from home. Automatically control virtually any aspect of your home, including lighting, temperature and, crucially, security.

Total Connect from Honeywell provides you with complete control over your home’s security system. Access your system anywhere and ensure your family and property remains safe at any time.

Feel at ease knowing that your alarm monitoring system will update you if any changes occur and alert the proper authorities accordingly. Honeywell automation options that can enhance your home’s security and comfort include the following.

  • Lighting: Efficiently check and turn lights on or off as desired. Program schedules save electricity or set randomized scenes to convince burglars of indoor activity when you are away.
  • Locks: The Honeywell electronic lock system eliminates the need for keys. Lock your home whenever and wherever you want for increased protection.
  • Cameras: Remotely monitor vulnerable areas of your home with security cameras at any time, whether you’re in another room or away on vacation.
  • Alerts: Choose the alerts you want to receive via text or email when using our 24/7 alarm monitoring services. See important internal and external activity from family members who have access and others who do not.

A Monitoring Center With the Highest Credentials

Our UL-Listed/Five-Diamond monitoring center has two different generators in case of a power outage. Another alarm monitoring station located in Texas serves as a failsafe. No matter what happens, a knowledgeable security professional will be watching your home or business at all times. Sleep better at night knowing Wayne Alarm Systems is protecting you 24/7/365.

We’re proud to have achieved the highest credentials for a monitoring center.

As a Five-Diamond monitoring station, we satisfy requirements for these five points of excellence:

  1. Exceptional customer service
  2. Random inspections and quality criteria standards
  3. Ongoing education and training
  4. Raising industry standards as a participating member of the Central Station Alarm Association
  5. Reducing false alarms

To maintain UL approval, Wayne Alarm Systems must meet strict operational and procedural standards every year. UL also conducts a series of regular checks to verify continuing compliance.

Wayne Alarm Systems has served our community for more than 50 years, and we’ll take pride in keeping you safe with our top-notch alarm monitoring station.

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Home Security Monitoring With Wayne Alarm Systems

Every seven seconds, there is a burglary in the United States. The need for reliable home security monitoring is higher than ever. What makes Wayne Alarm Systems one of the top home security monitoring companies in the country is our unparalleled commitment to your safety and our high level of personal customer service.

Every Wayne Alarm Systems employee has a full background check and a certificate of clearance to prove it. We are available 24/7, so you can always get in touch with us if you have an issue or question, even after typical business hours. Our customer service training is second to none in the industry, ensuring our customers receive the service they expect.

Whether you have a single-family home, a multi-family residence or some other kind of home arrangement, we can customize a solution for you. We offer video surveillance, motion sensors, glass break sensors, burglar alarms and more. Our team is always monitoring your system, so we can get the authorities to you fast if there is a break-in attempt.

We can also link your home security system with various other useful and safety-conscious features, such as fire alarms, temperature control and video surveillance. Your home should be a haven for you and your family, someplace you always feel safe. Wayne Alarm Systems can provide you and your family with the proper, custom-designed security and life safety system to ensure your family has the correct protection in place.

Commercial Alarm Monitoring With Wayne Alarm Systems

Your business is valuable to you, and the best way to protect it is with the best possible commercial alarm monitoring services. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we’ve worked hard to build our reputation as a reliable commercial alarm monitoring company in the greater Boston area.

Wayne Alarm Systems offers security systems, fire alarms and round-the-clock monitoring to help protect your business, employees and customers. Our UL-Listed/Five-Diamond monitoring center ensures all your business’ valuable assets and information are under a careful and watchful eye. You’ll be confident in knowing we are protecting your business from fire or burglary.

Many of our commercial security customers appreciate our access control systems. A lock on the front door is somewhat insufficient to protect today’s businesses, especially if you restrict some areas of your facility. Our access control options let you control who can access specific areas.

Our system also lets you know exactly who has accessed which areas and at what time. While you may be very careful in how you vet your employees, the threat of industrial espionage is genuine, and you never know who may feel tempted to access areas or information they shouldn’t. With Wayne Alarm Systems access control, you should have no problem keeping new or untested personnel out of sensitive areas.

Call us to discuss our range of services and how they can protect your business. Or, ask about our Enhanced Call Verification, which reduces the number of false alarms and allows emergency personnel to get to you faster. We can also help you learn about the scope and accuracy of our video surveillance systems.

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Life Safety

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  • 100% Wireless
  • Cellular & WiFi Communication
  • 24/7 Professional, Local Monitoring
  • LCD Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Security Intrusion Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Environmental Detection
  • Wayne Alarm Mobile App

Life Safety with Live Video

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  • Life Safety Plus:
  • Video Door Bell
  • Total Connect App
  • Email & Text Alerts
  • Motion Activated Video
  • Live Video Streaming

Life Safety with Home Automation

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  • Life Safety with Live Video Plus:
  • Z-Wave Lamp Module
  • Wall Switch Light Control
  • Energy Management Control
  • Automated Door Locks
  • GPS Tracking

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Wayne Alarm Systems is a locally run business in Lynn, Mass., with a history founded in 1968 by Ralph W. Sevinor. Electronic security companies don’t survive that long without constantly being on the cutting edge of home and business security. Our priority is being the best home security and business alarm monitoring company in Massachusetts, and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your peace of mind.

There’s no time to waste in protecting your home or business in New England. To get started, contact Wayne Alarm Systems for a free quote or security consultation today.

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Our Certifications

TMA , the organization that represents the alarm monitoring industry, grants Five Diamond status to companies that made it their practice to meet the highest levels of professionalism, training, and expertise in the industry. Certification is granted annually to monitoring companies that satisfy all of the requirements of the “five points of excellence:”

  1. Commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards by a nationally recognized testing laboratory such as FM Approvals, Intertek/ETL and UL.
  2. Commitment to the highest levels of customer service.
  3. Commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing by having 100% of their central station operators certified using the TMA online training series, the industry standard.
  4. Commitment to raising the industry standards through TMA membership and participation in its activities.
  5. Commitment to reducing false dispatches.

The Highest levels of security and operation are the hallmarks of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. independent seal of approval. To achieve, and be able to maintain this approval, Wayne Alarm Systems, Inc. had to meet UL’s stringent operational and procedural standards, year after year. As part of UL’s extensive and ongoing counter check requirements, UL also independently performs a series of checks on a regular basis in order to verify continuing compliance to all of UL’s performance based standards. These standards include but are not limited to our building, operations, equipment, redundancies and in some cases our customer’s premises.

Wayne Alarm Systems is UL listed for the following Categories:

Central-station Protective Signaling Services

Mercantile Burglar Alarm System

Central station companies are required to comply with the NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code, which stipulates that companies be certified, or placarded, by a third-party organization such as FM Approvals. Wayne Alarm Systems Full-service Monitoring Center earned an FM Approval by meeting the requirements of FM Approvals’ Approval Standard 3011, Approval Standard for Central Station Service for Fire Alarms and Protective Equipment Supervision.

Our FM approved Central Station means that we are providing our customers with broad national acceptance and recognition by authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs).

Authorities having jurisdiction benefit from standardized documentation issued by FM Approvals and follow-up audits, two types of “Protected Premise” site checks and another set of qualified eyes offering protection.