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Office Building Security System

As a commercial building owner, part of running your operation is putting measures in place to protect employees, visitors, assets and the workplace from any potential threats. Installing an office security system can help safeguard your employees and building from theft, vandalism and other security risks.

At Wayne Alarm Systems, we offer office building security solutions that meet your specific security needs, enabling you to control and monitor everything in your office building. Your employees and visitors will have peace of mind knowing they are protected.

Burglar and Theft Protection

Office buildings are vulnerable to burglary and theft, which lead to significant monetary loss. Installing an office building security system is an excellent way of deterring criminal activity, such as intruders breaking into your building, employees taking cash or any other form of theft. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we help ensure your office building has the best security solutions.

We offer various burglar and theft prevention options with an office alarm system that goes beyond basic protection. Our team will work closely with you to design a security solution that targets every part of your office building with security risks. You will also benefit from our comprehensive video surveillance, motion sensing technology and 24/7 monitoring services, which are always available to respond to emergencies or suspicious activity.

Video Surveillance

High-quality security for the office demands sophisticated video surveillance. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we understand the host of advantages a strategically placed and advanced office building video security system provides. Office building surveillance security can be highly beneficial for your property in various ways, from capturing intruders to increasing employee productivity.

Our trained and experienced design experts take the physical layout of your office building, your concerns and your needs into consideration when developing the best solution. From there, we provide video surveillance cameras that allow you to access them from anywhere you have internet access. With these cameras, you can ensure that you’re aware of suspicious activity outside and internally.

Access Control

Nowadays, it is best to have more than a lock and key to restrict entry into your building. An access control system efficiently manages and tracks who enters spaces and when. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we understand that access control systems are not one-size-fits-all, so we offer a wide array of system options to meet your needs.

With an access control system, you can grant different employees access to certain parts of the building and receive alerts when an unauthorized individual attempts to enter a restricted area. You will also have remote access and can obtain detailed reports of employee activity at any time.

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