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Business Security Systems

Allow our quality systems and local, professional, customer-driven responsive service to handle your security needs from start to finish.

We Are Your Business Security Solution

Securing your business can give you peace of mind and protect your employees. We have business security solutions to help keep your office safe. Learn more about our commercial systems and the different available equipment to enhance your office or building. 

Commercial security systems are custom fit for businesses of all sizes. Our commercial options encompass various security measures, including video monitoring, access control, and theft protection.

Many local laws require businesses to have a monitored fire alarm system. Insurance companies can require an anti-burglary protection system as well. A quality security system goes beyond the basic requirements and gives you specialized care. A commercial system from Wayne Alarm Systems can help you go above and beyond for your business.

Why Choose Wayne Alarm for Business Security?

Wayne Alarm Systems is your source for commercial building security systems. We have been serving the community for over 50 years to help protect businesses and building owners alike. 

When you are in an emergency, every moment counts. Our eight-second response time is far lower than the 60-second industry average. You can count on our team to get you to help quickly. 

We have our own UL Listed, 5 Diamond monitoring center backed up by two generators and a monitoring center out of the area in Texas to ensure that it never goes down. We also provide backup power for each alarm system as an extra protection layer. 


Burglar Alarms and Theft Protection

Theft is a retail business’ public enemy number-one. No matter how successful your business techniques are, if your shrinkage is high, you are going to struggle to turn a profit. You need the best business security system possible to protect your assets — and when it comes to both large and small business security systems, you won’t do better than Wayne Alarm in Lynn, MA.

Why? Because we offer a complete suite of burglary and theft prevention options to cover every possible eventuality. That includes 24/7 monitoring from our central station so we can leap into action at a moment’s notice if someone attempts to break into your facility. That comes with Enhanced Call Verification, so emergency personnel knows that yours is not a false alarm and will respond faster.

It also means backup protocols for emergency situations and UL-listed and certified systems. It means remotely-managed surveillance and access systems.

Perhaps most importantly, Wayne Alarm systems are the best business security systems because they are customized to the needs of your specific business. We have expert designers who can assess your exact needs and create a system that will maximize your protection while still being sensitive to your budget.

For over 40 years, Wayne Alarm Systems has been protecting businesses, small and large.  Protect your assets, monitor the opening and closing of your business, and reduce the number of false alarms with Enhanced Call Verification (ECV).


Security Cameras & Surveillance

Today’s market demands highly sophisticated technologies, and no business security system is complete without Wayne Alarm Systems video surveillance solutions. Our video surveillance systems give you the data you need to increase security, reduce shrinkage, enhance customer service and increase operational efficiencies.

Employee theft is a leading cause of loss for retail businesses, with billions of dollars lost every year. Why do so many seemingly law-abiding citizens steal? Because they think they can get away with it. An HD-style, highly-visible and reliable video surveillance system tells them they can’t. Just the presence of a video surveillance system from Wayne Alarm is highly likely to deter virtually everyone from attempting to lift your merchandise or break into your establishment.

If you think video surveillance for a small business is a luxury, you need to look closely at modern business security. Video surveillance solutions aren’t just affordable — they can even pay for themselves in the amount of property you save in theft deterrence. No business security system should be without one, and Wayne Alarm is ready to design and install the perfect video surveillance system to meet your security system business needs today.


Access Control Systems

A simple lock and key for the front door is not a sufficient business security system in the modern age. You have the technology to completely control who goes where in your business and when, so why not take advantage of it?

Access cards and related systems can let you allow your most trusted employees into the inner sanctuary when you need them to take care of important company business when you are not available while keeping newer employees restricted to the front floor or other common areas where you are not keeping sensitive information.

Not only can you control who can get into what parts of your business and give and rescind access to individual employees at your convenience, but you can also be alerted whenever someone enters or leaves a restricted area, so you will have at your disposal all the information you need to root out any suspicious activity.

From card access to intercom entry systems, Wayne Alarm Systems helps you ensure that everybody gets to where they need to go and nobody goes where they’re not supposed to.  You can feel safe and assured knowing that you can keep a door locked 24/7 with limited access and run access reports from anywhere, anytime.

Common Questions About Business Security Systems

Having a sound security system has multiple benefits, including: 

  • Improved safety: With cameras, alarms, and access control, employees will walk into work feeling at ease. 
  • Increased productivity: You can’t always monitor what everyone in the office is doing. Increased surveillance and video footage make employees more inclined to stay active and on task, even when the boss is not around. 
  • Broader coverage: Every area of your building or office will be monitored whether you are working or not. Increased surveillance can help prevent emergencies and protect a wider area. 
  • Insurance savings: Some insurance companies will charge less if you prove that you are a “low-risk” business. Talk to your insurance company about how a security system can help you save. 
  • Theft prevention: Theft can occur in many ways. Visible cameras can help deter potential thieves and protect your funds and assets.

We know how much time and effort goes into your work, and we want to help you secure your business. Investing in a security system can lighten the load.

A security system should be as unique as the service your business offers. Every location is different, and your business has strengths and vulnerabilities that others don’t. Pricing for a security system depends on a few factors, including:

  • The amount of equipment you already have. 
  • Which of our Life Safety programs do you choose? 
  • The size of your building. 
  • Which security precautions do you choose, such as cameras and alarms?

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