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Campus Security Systems for Schools & Universities

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If you’ve been paying attention to the news in recent years, you know how sensitive the school environment has become. Between outside threats, student activity and on-premises events, you have plenty of reasons to invest in good school security. You can avoid litigation, improve accountability and, most importantly, help keep your students and staff safe.

Improving School Security

You may have wondered, why do schools need security? A safe school environment is the only one that can promote learning to its highest degree. Studies have documented the link between feelings of safety and a decrease in behavioral problems such as fighting, test performances and attendance. Negative results in these areas can affect students’ academic outcomes and future success. For their continued learning, it is vital that you offer them a positive learning environment.

School security options consist of more than just video cameras. Controlled access prevents any non-students from entering without express permission, while features like enhanced call verification (ECV) can ensure accurate law enforcement notification. Campus security systems also include fire and threat safety.

Learn More About The Security Systems We Offer

Each school is different, and you’ll need a well-rounded approach to security that addresses all of its areas if you want to keep your students safe from a variety of threats. Thankfully, the consultants at Wayne Alarm Systems are experts at creating unique solutions for your business needs. We throw out the cookie-cutter design approach and develop a system that works in the layout of your school and can help cover any specific concerns you may have.

Are you worried about a particular room that students like to mess around in? We can set up cameras to keep an eye on things and add a lock system. Wondering how you can make sure the chem lab doesn’t release any unwanted chemicals into the building? We’ll install gas, smoke and carbon monoxide detection with special attention to that area. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we are experienced in meeting the needs of your building and your students.

Types of Security Systems

When it comes to developing a well-rounded approach, you’ll need to consider several components to a school or campus security system, including the following.

1. Electronic Access Control

Allow only students, staff and permitted personnel into your school with electronic access control. Any malicious third-parties can be stopped at the door with advanced systems that integrate with video surveillance and intercom functions to help staff members communicate with guests and allow them entry.

We can also set up a card access system. For staff members and university students, ID cards often allow them access to the places they need to go. You can even pull up a map that shows you in real-time who is where in your building. You’ll be able to make sure no one is going where they shouldn’t be when you can see where they are. You can create custom reports to review access privileges across the facility, increasing your accountability of students and staff.

Electronic access control can also allow you to lock down a facility if it ever comes to that. If a disaster strikes, you can have confidence in a system that can fully and quickly shut down the entrances with remote controls.

2. Intrusion and Theft Protection

You also need to protect your facility from after-hours threats. Intrusion detection includes looking for motion, glass breaks, door contacts and panic buttons that alert you to break-ins. We can perform an audit that identifies the most susceptible areas for theft or unauthorized entry and put robust security systems in place.

3. Video Surveillance

While it isn’t the only component to school security, it is a vital one. Video surveillance can offer monitoring that is specific to your building. Zoning will allow you to receive a notification when someone enters certain areas, while real-time movements are available in many cameras from remote systems in internet-enabled devices.

4. Fire and Hazard Detection

In most areas, you are required to have a fire alarm system in place, but you can do one better. Link your security system with your threat detection system, and alert the authorities and occupants right away from wherever you are. Ensure the safety of students and staff with the detection of gas, carbon monoxide and smoke. We can even set up heat detectors for use in areas such as the kitchen, where smoke may be abundant.

Alarm Monitoring Services

By linking your alarms and threat detection to local authorities, you could save precious time in the case of emergencies. Our state-of-the-art monitoring center allows us to watch for triggered alarm signals, call the relevant professionals to verify the emergency and dispatch authorities as needed. The rigorous training our employees go through gives them a typical response time of under eight seconds, while the industry standard hovers around one minute.

Our monitoring center is UL listed with a Five-Diamond status from The Monitoring Association. With services from Wayne Alarm Systems, you can be confident in the campus security systems in your facility. To learn more about what Wayne Alarm Systems can do for your school, contact us to request a quote.

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