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We know your business is your passion, from your employees to your possessions. As a company that has been in business for half a century and values our assets enormously, we know how vital commercial security and fire protection is. Reliable fire and security protection not only provides you with ultimate peace of mind, but it shows your employees how much you value them and your business. The first time our fast-acting security monitoring system stops an attempted theft or fire in its tracks, you’ll be thrilled you got in touch with Wayne Alarm for your commercial fire and security needs.

Because we custom-design and install UL listed and certified systems to meet your strict specific code requirements, Wayne Alarm offers all the protection you need. From System Design, to Installation, Video Surveillance, Access Control and 24/7 Monitoring – it is all brought to you from under one roof.


Business Security Systems & Alarms

When you’re looking for security technology for your business, you want the best business security company you can find in the Greater Boston area. Wasting time and money on a security system for your business shouldn’t even have to be a question. Commercial security system companies that offer cookie-cutter solutions will not give you the protection or security features you need, and you may not find that out until it’s too late.

Wayne Alarm is among the best commercial security companies in North Shore, Massachusetts, because we customize your security system to your business’s needs. When you hire Wayne Alarm for a business alarm system, plan to work with our security consultants for ideal security technology to protect your company and assets effectively. Allow our quality systems and local, professional, customer-driven responsive service at Wayne Alarm to solve your custom security needs from start to finish.

Different businesses have different challenges. Some may be more vulnerable to outside intrusion, and need more video security, while others have greater needs for access control. Some companies may need more motion sensors, while others have more significant video surveillance system requirements. When you choose Wayne Alarm, we will assess your business security needs to find the ideal solution.


24/7 Business Monitoring

No business owner wants to worry about their assets or employees in danger. With our 24/7 monitoring center and immediate dispatch services, you can rest assured that your company – from its people to its possessions – is safe.

Commercial alarm companies that set you up with a bell that rings when fire strikes won’t be enough to protect your assets. You need a business alarm company with constant monitoring that can alert the proper personnel immediately before a fire gets out of control. The faster firefighters can get to you in an emergency, the more you can minimize the damage.

Since monitored alarms are more credible, firefighters can get to you faster and with fewer concerns about false alarms. Business alarm companies that don’t offer 24/7 monitoring can’t promise you that.

Furthermore, we are a local company that’s well-versed in the area’s business codes and regulations for commercial buildings, so we will make sure you comply while we protect you and your business from out-of-control fire danger.

We Have Your Business Covered at Wayne Alarm

Your search for business security system companies that understand your company’s needs in Massachusetts is over. Wayne Alarm has served the security and fire alarm system requirements of Massachusetts businesses for 50 years, and we can do the same for you today.

If you don’t have adequate security or fire protection for your business, there’s no time to waste. A break-in or fire could happen at any time, and you do not want to be caught off-guard — especially when Wayne Alarm has an easy, affordable solution.

Find out what sets us apart from other commercial alarm monitoring companies. Contact Wayne Alarm for a free security consultation or quote today.

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