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Smart Home Automation Systems

With today’s technology, many aspects of our lives are becoming automated. Smart security systems are popular for their ability to protect homes with smart technology.

Whether it is your home or business that needs our top-of-the-line services, we are happy to assist you. We understand the importance of developing a system that works for your unique needs because every situation needs a custom security solution.

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What Are Home Automation Systems?

Smart home automation systems employ smart technology to protect homes better. You connect a series of devices to your Wi-Fi, and they can alert you of intruders, contact emergency services and control different tools in your home. These devices store user data on your network to keep track of patterns to know when a threat is present.

Some types of equipment that can operate on an automated system include:

All of these devices connect to one system that you can access from your computer or smartphone. Automation makes it simple to access your security system and get help quickly in an emergency.

Cloud Access

Being in control of your home while on the go was never easier.

With Total Connect from Honeywell, you can turn your computer, iPhone, iPad, or smartphone into a virtual keypad, giving you complete control of your security system anywhere… anytime.

  • With Total Connect from Honeywell, you can…
  • Receive email alerts of activity in or around specific areas of your home
  • Remotely arm or disarm your security system
  • Be notified when your children come home from school
  • Allow a contractor, housekeeper, or service person to enter your home
    … And so much more!You can leave your house and feel at ease knowing that your system will update you if something changes. Control your home from the palm of your hand, no matter where you are. With Honeywell’s futuristic products and service from Wayne Alarm Systems, the possibilities are endless.What Honeywell automation options will you try?


Did you remember to turn your lights off?

How many times have you asked yourself or a family member this question when you’re halfway to grandma’s house or a family vacation? Home automation systems allow you to never have this worry again. With automated home lighting systems, you can program your lights so that forgetting to turn them off is impossible, and you can even fool burglars when you’re on vacation by having the lights go on and off regularly.

Whether you’re at the office or on vacation, you can check and turn them on or off or program scenes and schedules to save money, save electricity and extend bulb life. They can also be randomized for a lived-in look while you’re away. You can even turn them on or off every time you arm or disarm your security system—a great way to save money and energy automatically.

Learn more about automated lighting solutions.


You are on vacation and there is a blizzard back home.

You need to turn on your heat or your pipes will freeze and of course, the neighbors are on vacation, too. There’s no need to worry when you have installed one of our home automation remote heat control systems. With remote control of heating and cooling in your home, you can adjust your temperature settings from anywhere in the world.  Automated home heat controls can mean massive energy savings, allowing you to use only exactly as much heat as you need, instead of wasting heat energy when you don’t.

Learn more about temperature and comfort control.


did you forget your keys again?

With automatic home lock systems, you never have to worry about forgetting your keys again. Saving you time and energy, automatic locks allow the nanny, cable guy or your kids to get in when you aren’t home. Through Z-wave-enabled devices and Honey Total Connect, we enable you to control the locks in your home wherever and whenever you want. The electronic lock system for home entry is the wave of the future, eliminating the need for keys that you can easily lose or have stolen. Remote home lock systems give you total control over entry to your house from wherever you are.

Learn more about locks you can operate and verify from miles away.


Who’s Watching Your Home When You’re Away?

One of the points of having a home security camera system is peace of mind. When you have Total Connect, you’ll never have to wonder if your home is safe. A remote home monitoring camera system turns wherever you happen to be into a security control center to rival that of a bank or a casino. Your home camera monitoring system lets you know everything that’s going on in vulnerable areas of your home at any time, whenever you want, no matter where you are.

Home nurseries, play areas, swimming pools, main gates… all these are extremely important areas of your homes that you can monitor while in another room or even away from home.  View brilliant, full color video on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PC, laptop, or tablet. Our cloud video solution gives you complete live video access in and around your home, while sending you alerts customized to you via text or e-mail.

Click HERE for more information about boosting your home’s security with new cameras from Honeywell.


Finally, a meaningful text.

With Total Connect from Honeywell paired with our 24/7 monitoring center, you can get updates straight to your phone or computer with the important internal and external activity of your children and pets at your home. Enjoy the peace of mind of being up-to-date on what happens in your house, even when you’re away. Choose which alerts you see throughout the day from options like disarmed doors and temperature and comfort statuses.

GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Make the Smart Move

Have real-time GPS location information at your fingertips – a great way to keep tabs on teenage drivers and elderly loved ones, recover missing vehicles and monitor or recover lost or stolen valuables. You can even get email or text alerts when vehicles exceed speed limits or predetermined geographic boundaries.

Click HERE for more information about keeping your loved ones safe in your network.

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Are Smart Home Security Systems Safe?

The ultimate goal of any security system is to increase your home’s safety. While there are some challenges with smart security systems, you can easily strengthen your system to grant you maximum security.

All security systems, even wired ones, can be strengthened. Here are a few tips for improving your smart security system to prevent others from viewing your information:

  1. Employ the passcode feature on your smartphone to keep other people from accessing your security information. Also, make sure you have passwords on your computers at home.
  2. Set up separate networks for your devices. If one device happens to get hacked, different networks will still protect the others.
  3. Use firewalls on your computer and router. Regularly check to make sure your protective programs are up and running.
  4. Replace your router if it does not have top-tier security features.
  5. Keep devices updated and run regular security patches.

If you keep these tips in mind, you can rest easy knowing you are taking extra steps to protect your home.

Benefits of Home Automation Systems

There are many benefits to smart home automation, including:

  • Universal accessibility: As long as you have your phone, you can check your security system from any location. You can watch over your home and feel secure when you’re on vacation or at work.
  • 24/7 protection: Instead of turning your system on and off when you leave the house, smart home automation systems give you constant protection.
  • Advanced detection: While traditional security systems only monitor main entry points, smart sensors can detect patterns and alert you when they notice an irregular movement, a cut phone cord, or a disconnected server.
  • Easy integration: Smart home security systems work seamlessly with other smart devices such as lights, thermostats, and speakers. You can access all your devices from your phone for your convenience.
  • Increased savings: As you avoid potential robberies, you will save money on repairs and replacing belongings. Automated security systems also use less electricity than traditional options, so you can save on your energy bill as well.

If you’re ready to install a wireless security system, you may need help finding the perfect match for your home. Wayne Alarm Systems has been serving the community for over 50 years. We have our own UL Listed monitoring center with backup generators and an additional location in Texas to make sure we can protect you at any time.

Contact us today to request a free quote and find out more about how our smart home automation systems can help you feel safe and secure.

You’re in Control

The home of the future you always dreamed of has finally arrived in the form of cloud home automation systems. Our smart home automation systems from Honeywell allow you to control virtually every aspect of your home automatically, from lighting to security to temperature and more.

Enter your home and have the temperature set perfectly for your arrival? Have the lights go up as the sun goes down? Unlock a door via your smartphone? You bet! Honeywell can help you bring your home to life with a customized solution that can work with your lifestyle and budget and grow with your changing needs. Make the most of your home by taking control.

Smart Home Systems

You’ve seen the incredible things smart home devices can do. Automation makes daily functions in your home easier and more efficient. If security and automation appeal to you, hire a professional to conduct your smart home system installation.

When you leave for the day, your smart home devices will maintain the necessary processes. Those that you don’t need, like lighting, will be available when you return. Your home or business will be safe with Wayne Alarm Systems’ array of security solutions.

About Honeywell

Honeywell designs their products to create the future. Their home automation solutions make homeowners feel safe, comfortable and understood. When you can set a welcoming glow from your front porch or program your bedroom to the perfect temperature before you slip between the sheets, you’ll be more excited to go home than ever before. Wayne Alarm Systems is proud to be a Honeywell Authorized Dealer.

Choose Wayne Alarm Systems

National alarm and home automation companies have two major problems. First, they lack satisfactory customer service. Second, they fail to implement trustworthy employment guidelines. Large companies field so many questions and requests that connecting with a representative is challenging for customers. Also, many businesses hire without doing background checks. This issue is particularly troubling because you must invite these employees into your home.

Local companies with only a few employees have their own drawbacks. One issue is their small service areas. In addition, their staff is so small that if someone takes time off, it becomes even harder to make contact and receive service.

Wayne Alarm Systems is a regional company with a stellar local, national and international reputation. We’re a five-diamond certified central monitoring service provider, and we’re still expanding. The size of our team is compatible with our service area, so we can provide customer service, installations and other important solutions without making you wait. We also conduct background checks and issue certificates of clearance for all employees. Feel empowered to take the next step toward convenience and safety with Wayne Alarm Systems.

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