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Property Management Security Systems

Whether you own one property or several, you need to maintain security at all times. Ensure your property is covered with Wayne Alarm Systems’ security system.

Burglar and Theft Protection

Homes or apartments are among the top places burglars target, whether residents are home or not. However, 60% of burglars will avoid a residence if a security system is present.

At Wayne Alarm Systems, our security systems feature burglar and theft protection, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage and loss prevention. We have several options available — from door alarms to window sensors — so that you can equip everywhere an intruder might try to enter.

Additionally, Wayne Alarm Systems offers 24/7 monitoring where our live operators respond to alarm activations in real-time. We can address the situation and alert the appropriate authorities once the theft has been verified.

Video Surveillance

While privacy is required for your tenants inside, video cameras can be strategically placed around the outdoors and in hallways. These areas can discourage theft, burglary, tenant vandalism or other damaging behavior in the space. With video surveillance, your tenants can feel safer in their homes.

Our team can work with you to create a video surveillance system customized for security around your large property. We consider your property design and help create the best layout to cover the most area.

Access Control

Another way to keep your tenants safe is by controlling who can come into your rental properties. Access control may look a bit simpler for smaller properties with fewer tenants than a larger, more complex property system.

With Wayne Alarm Systems’ access control, only authorized individuals are able to enter the property. Tenants can have a key card to get them into the building, and they can have full control over which guests can enter.

Landlords can also access the data to report or timestamp suspicious behavior from a particular key card. This can help keep all residents safe and secure within the property.


Benefits of Security Systems for Property Managers

There are several benefits of having a security system on your rental property. These include:

  • Safety: The presence of a security system encourages tenants to feel secure in their spaces, having peace of mind that their family and belongings are safe.
  • Building automation: With modern alarm systems, tenants can link their thermomostat, lights and locks to their smartphones, increasing accessibility and convenience.
  • Property value: Having a security system can increase your property value through desired safety and the commitment to energy efficiency.
  • Cost-effectiveness: A security system can save you money overall without funding full-time security personnel shifts to monitor your property. Security systems can also regulate internal temperatures and lights to save on energy costs.

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Wayne Alarm Systems has been dedicated to the greater New England areas since 1968. Here, you can trust us to deliver quality security systems that work to keep your properties and tenants safe. Contact us today to learn more and to get a free quote!


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