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Retail Security Systems

Every second counts during an emergency and security systems for retail stores can help you respond quickly to potential thefts and keep your store safer for employees and shoppers.

Security System Standards for the Retail Industry

A high-quality security system goes beyond simple cameras and keys. Many local laws require businesses to have a fire alarm system, and some insurance companies necessitate the use of anti-burglary protection systems. While there are basic options you can purchase to meet these requirements, a customized system is specialized to fit your space. The systems from Wayne Alarm Systems can fit retail companies of all sizes.

Benefits of a Retail Store Security System

Consider the benefits of a retail security system:

  • Improved safety and enhanced coverage: A robust security system can make employees and patrons of your store feel safer. With a security system from Wayne Alarm Systems, every area of your space is monitored, and our response time is much faster than the industry average, giving you and your employees peace of mind.
  • Greater productivity: Feeling safe allows employees to focus on their tasks. Video surveillance may also help employees stay on task when managers are not around to monitor progress.
  • Superior theft protection: Placing cameras around your store can prevent theft and protect your products.
  • More insurance benefits: You can talk to your insurance company to see if they charge less for a “low-risk” business. When you protect your business with a security system, your insurance provider may view you as low risk.

Customizing a Security System for Retail Stores

You may want your retail store security system to have the following features:

  • 24/7 monitoring: Wayne Alarm Systems provides constant monitoring from our central station so that we can act quickly if someone attempts to infiltrate your store.
  • Anti-burglary alarm system: High theft rates prohibit retail stores from reaching their full profit potential. A burglar alarm and theft protection solutions help protect your companies assets.
  • Video surveillance: Retail store security systems are not complete without a video surveillance solution. The high-definition cameras from Wayne Alarm Systems can prevent employee theft and deter customers from attempting to steal merchandise.
  • Access control systems: Access cards and systems allow you to control who has access to certain parts of your store and when. You can enable trusted employees access to more restricted locations, such as the main office, while only giving newer employees access to the main floor or breakroom. You can also get alerts whenever someone enters or exits a restricted area.
  • Backup power: We provide backup power for our security solutions to ensure protection during a power outage.

How a Retail Security System Protects Your Business

Stores lost an estimated $86.6 billion to retail theft in 2022. Video surveillance cameras are widely regarded as the best crime prevention in the workplace, as highly visible cameras can deter theft or catch a burglary in action.

The video surveillance systems from Wayne Alarm Systems provide data for you to reduce shrinkage, increase security, and enhance productivity and customer service.

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