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Four Benefits of Backup Power for Alarm Systems

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Does your current alarm system have backup power? You may not know or you may wonder why you need a backup battery. Your security system may not use that much power unless the alarm is tripped, or you may not experience frequent power outages in your area. So how can alarm system backup power benefit me?

Here’s four reasons to ensure you have a functioning backup battery for your alarm system.

1. Power Outages

Whether or not you experience many power outages in your neighborhood, a backup battery for an alarm system can offer you peace of mind, especially during overnight storms. Having no power can make your home vulnerable, since most alarm systems are connected to your home’s power. Potential burglars may use power outages to their advantage.

Take action now to make sure your alarm system includes a backup battery.

2. Sabotage

Burglars are known to cut power in order to gain access to a home. By depriving your alarm system of power, criminals have more time to enter your house undetected. An alarm system with a battery backup ensures this tactic fails, and that your home and family remain safe and secure.

3. Overload

Most of the time, your alarm system does not use that much power. But what if the system suddenly experiences a high level of power due to multiple people attempting entry at once and multiple alarms being activated? This sudden rush of energy could cause a blowout. With backup power, you can trust and rely on your alarm system when you need it most.

4. Bad Weather

Powerful storms can blow down power lines, resulting in outages. While it’s unlikely that a criminal will choose a bad weather event to break into your home, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure your alarm system stays active during inclement weather with a backup power supply.

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