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How to Prevent Electrical Fires

On October 16, 2023, In Safety Tips, smoke detection, Uncategorized,

Electrical fires pose a significant threat to homes and commercial buildings alike. Their swift and destructive force highlights the urgency of prevention. Recognizing their causes is the first step to a safer environment. Gaining more understanding is powerful, as active mitigation helps you secure your home or business and prevent…

How to Make Sure Your Pipes Don’t Freeze

On November 21, 2022, In Safety Tips,

Frozen water pipes are a common problem during those frigid New England winters. Freezing can cause a pipe to burst — a crack as small as 1/8″ can allow more than 250 gallons of water to escape in only one day. The flooding can result in thousands of dollars of…

How to Remove an Old Alarm System

Home security systems are crucial for keeping your property safe. It might make sense to upgrade your system from time to time, especially if your needs change or you’re interested in trying out newer features. Whatever the reason, replacing your security system requires careful consideration. Before installing a new system,…

Halloween Safety Tips For Your Home

  Here are our top 15 safety-first Halloween tips for all you homeowners. You’ll never wonder how to stay safe during Halloween again. Many people look forward to Halloween’s yummy treats, sneaky tricks and creative costumes. While it can be a delightful celebration, there is always a risk of things…

Small Business Security Tips

On September 10, 2022, In Safety Tips,

In 2010 there were roughly 28 million small businesses in the entire United States of America. While this number has fluctuated within the past 6 years, the fact is that we have a ton of small businesses out there. As a small business owner, so much of your time, money,…

How to Burglar-Proof Windows in Your Home

On September 7, 2022, In residential security, Safety Tips, security systems,

One of the biggest threats your property faces is the potential damage, theft, and other misfortunes that result from burglars and intruders. Installing effective security devices is vital for protecting your family’s welfare and most valuable possessions. These devices can also quickly alert you in the event of a fire,…

Apartment Fire Safety Requirements and Prevention Tips

On April 18, 2022, In Safety Tips, Uncategorized,

Fire safety is critical in just about every setting. But when it comes to apartment building fire safety, there are specific things to consider, such as longer egress times, evacuation procedures, fire control and smoke movement through the building. In apartment and condominium buildings, fires can spread heat, flames and smoke…

Guide to School Security Systems & Student Safety

On April 3, 2022, In Safety Tips,

School districts and universities must adhere to the highest standards to provide a safe and secure environment for students, teachers, parents, and staff. These measures involve keeping violence, weapons, and inappropriate behavior away from buildings and school grounds. With outside threats and gun violence becoming more common, it’s vital to…

Signs of a Carbon Monoxide Leak in Your Home

On December 16, 2021, In Safety Tips,

Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a colorless, tasteless gas produced by the incomplete burning of any carbon fuels, such as natural gas or liquified petroleum gas. Your heating equipment may give off trace amounts of this gas, but by design, it vents CO outside, where the gas doesn’t have the…

Home Safety Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone

On December 20, 2018, In Safety Tips,

Independence is an important part of living a happy and high-quality life. For seniors, maintaining their freedom can be a joyful experience and allow them to continue living in their home after the passing of a spouse. However, elderly persons living alone also face an increased risk of injury or…

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