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Benefits of a 24/7 Monitoring Station for your Home

On November 15, 2017, In residential security, security, security systems,

Installing a home security system is a great idea for families hoping to safeguard their home in case of a break in, fire, gas leak, CO poisoning, flood, or medical crisis. In the past, security systems only worked if there was someone to manually call in the event. Today, when a residential alarm is triggered, a Central Station Alarm Monitoring Provider such as Wayne Alarm Systems receives that signal. We then provide the Call Verification that verifies the event and, most importantly, we place a ‘Call to Dispatch’ to the appropriate authorities, whether it is your local police, fire, or emergency medical services departments. Here are some advantages to 24/7 monitoring for your family, property, and valuables.


  • Fast Response Times – Notification of an event immediately to the proper authorities whether it is police, fire, or medical is one of the biggest advantages to a 24/7 monitoring provider. Response time can be cut down dramatically to handle an event such as a fire, a gas leak, a break in, or call an ambulance in the case of a medical emergency.
  • Criminal Deterrent – Criminals who target homes do not want to get caught. They are much less likely to target your home if they know it is being monitored 24/7 by a security company. For the police, a monitoring system and a security system can provide evidence of a break in and help with prosecution of the crime down the line.
  • 24/7 Coverage – Whether you are home or out, awake or asleep, our monitoring team is on the job. It is a sense of relief for many customers to know that someone is watching over them at all times. This is especially true to families with seniors or children who need a little extra care.
  • Insurance Discount – As an added benefit of 24/7 monitoring, some insurance companies offer a discount for homes with monitored security systems. Talk to your agent about what percent discount you qualify for.


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