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How Can I Monitor My Home Temperature Remotely?

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A thermostat allows you to manage a comfortable living environment for you and your loved ones. You can monitor your home atmosphere remotely with a smart temperature monitoring system connected to your phone through a wireless internet connection. An app-controlled thermostat can help you keep track of your living space, even when you’re not home. Use this guide to discover how to control your thermostat remotely.

How Do Remote Thermostats Work?

A smart thermostat directly links to your HVAC system, controlling your air conditioner and heater. It also connects to your smartphone to monitor the temperature anywhere with internet access, from the couch to your favorite vacation spot. Check and adjust the activity of your heating and air conditioning through a home automation system app.

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With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can:

  • Adjust the temperature of your living space while you’re at work or running errands.
  • Lock the thermostat’s buttons when you’re not home, so no one tampers with it.
  • Receive alerts on your smartphone if your home’s atmosphere experiences an unusual change.
  • Circulate the fan while the HVAC system is running to provide consistent airflow throughout your living space.
  • Receive reminders of when to replace or clean your HVAC filter or inspect the unit.
  • Program your system to know your location so it will turn on your AC or heater when you’re close to home.
  • Have a consistently comfortable temperature in every room of the house.
  • Monitor your energy usage through the app so you can make better decisions for your budget next month.
  • Use voice control to adjust the temperature on your thermostat.
  • Receive notifications about harsh weather forecasts in your local area.

Can I Control My Thermostat From My Phone?

You can control your thermostat from your phone if you have a smart thermostat and the app. Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats differ from programmable models because they connect to a wireless connection and allow you to use your smartphone to adjust the temperature, even if you’re away from home.

Once you learn how to control your thermostat remotely, this temperature monitoring device, along with other smart technology, offers the following benefits:

  • Save money on energy bills: You could waste money if you forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving the house because your HVAC system will be providing hot or cold air for an empty room. With a smart thermostat, you can change the temperature from your mobile device when you’re on the go. The device can also adjust to the atmosphere outside to optimize your energy usage all year long.
  • Effortlessly change the temperature: If you’re out but you have loved ones in the house, you can make sure the environment is comfortable. As long as you have the app on your phone, adjusting the thermostat is as simple as tapping your screen a few times. After you’ve had the thermostat for a little while, automation technology learns to change the temperature based on your schedule and daily habits. Some thermostats also connect to your GPS, so they know when you arrive home.
  • Easily replace your old thermostat with a new one: You can conveniently switch your outdated unit with a remote control thermostat in the same place. A professional technician can make sure you have the proper electrical wiring for it.
  • Save wear and tear on your HVAC system: Your heating and air conditioning unit has a limited life span, and excessive wear and tear can result in premature repairs or replacement. You can combat this premature wear when you set up a system that naturally adjusts your temperature or allows you to monitor it when you’re not home. You can also control how much energy you use to make corrections to maintain your HVAC system.

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Get Alerts With High/Low Temperature Sensors

Besides using your phone to control your thermostat remotely, you can also monitor your living space for an unusual temperature change. These thermostats have a remote temperature monitoring system that will send an alert to your phone to tell you if the atmosphere suddenly drops below the level you’ve set on your thermostat so you can respond appropriately.

You should invest in this temperature monitoring system for your living space because:

  • It can prevent your pipes from freezing: When you’re away from home, you should keep the thermostat above 55 degrees in the winter. During winter months, your home could get so cold that your pipes freeze. Frozen pipes can burst and flood your home, resulting in costly damage. A temperature monitoring device helps you avoid freezing your pipes by alerting you if your living space is dangerously cold.
  • You can save money on repairs: Your HVAC system works harder to accommodate a sudden change in temperature. When you get alerts from your thermostat, you can maintain your unit and save money on potential repairs.
  • It protects your temperature-sensitive valuables: Your refrigerator and other appliances need a specific temperature to function correctly. If your living space experiences intense heat or cold, your valuables could break down, and it could be expensive to fix or replace them. A temperature monitoring device would be especially helpful if you have a wine cellar or wooden instruments that can spoil or warp in extreme temperatures.
  • It encourages you to take action: If you’re away on vacation, you might not be checking the atmosphere of your living space regularly. A remote temperature monitor checks your home’s atmosphere and alerts you if you need to be concerned about any abnormal activity. When your smart thermostat is monitoring your property, you can enjoy your vacation and make adjustments to the temperature as needed.
  • You can protect your loved ones: A surge of heat or cold can make your family members sick. If you have older people living in your house, you need to provide a comfortable environment so they stay healthy. A temperature monitoring system helps you accommodate the right atmosphere for your home.
  • It can help you detect other issues: If your home unexpectedly gets cold or hot, your HVAC system may have stopped working, or a window could have broken let in cold air. When you receive the alert, you can check on your property and make the necessary repairs.

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