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High/Low Temperature Alarms

High-Temperature Alarm – Low-Temperature Alarm

Room temperature monitoring systems help you make sure you are maintaining the proper temperature in the rooms where you install them. These types of systems can be invaluable in a variety of situations, including serving as a way to maintain the temperature of a walk-in freezer or commercial refrigerator, a temperature monitor for climate-controlled research laboratory areas and more.

How a High-Temperature Alarm/Low-Temperature Alarm Works

Once we install your high-temperature/low-temperature alarm, you can set it to be sensitive to a particular temperature range. Wireless sensors in the system transmit data to a display so you always know what the current temperature is in the room where the system is in place. The system can be configured for the internet to transmit temperature data directly to your cell phone or another wireless-enabled device through a simple app.

When the temperature drops below or rises above preset limits, you will receive an alert on the app, allowing you to take immediate action before spoilage or other damage takes place.

Uses for High/Low-Temperature Alarms

These types of alarms can prove extremely useful for myriad commercial and residential applications. You can put them in commercial refrigerators to make sure the proper temperature is maintained. They can be vital for use in medical refrigerators where you may have temperature samples that are extremely sensitive.

temp sensors

These types of alarms are particularly useful for freezers and refrigerators because these types of environments usually have very strict temperature requirements. You can check them whenever you need to without opening the refrigerator, which affects the climate in the room. With a refrigerator temperature monitor, you never have to worry about whether or not your unit is functioning correctly.

In addition, you can put them in areas with a lot of plumbing work to make sure your pipes are not in danger of freezing when temperatures drop. These types of alarms can also be extremely useful in environments that require careful climate control to prevent mold or other consequences of extreme environmental conditions, environments such as storage units or warehouses, wine cellars, humidors, greenhouses and animal pens.

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At Wayne Alarm Systems, our room temperature monitoring systems provide a highly accurate and reliable way of always knowing the temperature in a given location. These systems require no software or external server and no special maintenance. You get consistent, easy access to temperature data at all times for your peace of mind.

When you need reliable alarms for your home or business in Massachusetts and throughout New England, your first call should always be to Wayne Alarm Systems. We have been providing alarm services for local residents and companies for over half a century, and our reputation is unchallenged. When you order from Wayne Alarm Systems, we will send highly qualified personnel who have been rigorously checked to make sure their background is suitable for setting up an alarm in your home. Each employee has a certificate of clearance to put your mind at ease.

Our team will set up your system quickly and accurately and is consistently available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. For information about setting up your system today, call us at 781-595-0000 or contact us online.


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