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High/Low Temperature Alarms

High-Temperature Alarm – Low-Temperature Alarm

Room temperature monitoring systems help you make sure you are maintaining the proper temperature in the rooms where you install them. These types of systems can be invaluable in a variety of situations, including serving as a way to maintain the temperature of a walk-in freezer or commercial refrigerator, a temperature monitor for climate-controlled research laboratory areas and more.

How a High-Temperature Alarm/Low-Temperature Alarm Works

Once we install your high-temperature/low-temperature alarm, you can set it to be sensitive to a particular temperature range. Wireless sensors in the system transmit data to a display so you always know what the current temperature is in the room where the system is in place. The system can be configured for the internet to transmit temperature data directly to your cell phone or another wireless-enabled device through a simple app.

When the temperature drops below or rises above preset limits, you will receive an alert on the app, allowing you to take immediate action before spoilage or other damage takes place.

Uses for High/Low-Temperature Alarms


These types of alarms can prove extremely useful for myriad commercial and residential applications. You can put them in commercial refrigerators to make sure the proper temperature is maintained. They can be vital for use in medical refrigerators where you may have temperature samples that are extremely sensitive.

temp sensors

These types of alarms are particularly useful for freezers and refrigerators because these types of environments usually have very strict temperature requirements. You can check them whenever you need to without opening the refrigerator, which affects the climate in the room. With a refrigerator temperature monitor, you never have to worry about whether or not your unit is functioning correctly.

In addition, you can put them in areas with a lot of plumbing work to make sure your pipes are not in danger of freezing when temperatures drop. These types of alarms can also be extremely useful in environments that require careful climate control to prevent mold or other consequences of extreme environmental conditions, environments such as storage units or warehouses, wine cellars, humidors, greenhouses and animal pens.

Common Questions About Temperature Alarm Sensors

With over 50 years of experience in alarm services, we take pride in keeping our community members safe with our own UL Listed/5 Diamond center to ensure a smooth operation for our customers. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we have the knowledge to address your concerns and answer your questions about available temperature sensor options.

What Is a Temperature Alarm Sensor?

Temperature sensors are wireless or connected alarm systems designed to record temperatures, detect extreme conditions and alert owners of any changes. A temperature alarm sensor waits for the continuous presence of extremely cold or hot conditions outside of a set range to prevent false alarms. This feature also helps avoid damage and loss, providing you with peace of mind about temperature regulations.

What Is the Difference Between a Thermostat and a Temperature Sensor?

A thermostat is a device you can use to control heating and cooling systems. Typically, a thermostat requires you to manually check and take action to make temperature adjustments. Without an alert system, these devices are incapable of telling users when problems arise. However, a temperature sensor ensures that your space remains at your desired temperature and issues an alert when unexpected changes occur.

How Does a Commercial Freezer Temperature Alarm Work?

A freezer temperature alarm works to monitor cold conditions. When temperatures rise above safe levels, the device alerts you that your freezer might be malfunctioning in some way. If temperatures drop below a certain degree, the alarm sends a notification that you might have left the door open or another issue caused the fluctuation.

With backup power for all of our alarm systems, Wayne Alarm Systems ensures that temperature alarms for freezers operate consistently and reliably throughout the day. Walk-in coolers, freezers and refrigerators need to work all the time to keep food from spoiling, store vaccines and hold other frozen goods.

Why Is a Freezer Temperature Monitoring Systems Beneficial?

Choosing a temperature alarm for your freezer comes down to your preferences. Regardless of the choice you make, Wayne Alarm Systems knows that our temperature sensors are top of the line with unique benefits for you:

  • Check for changes with the mobile-friendly app: Careful climate control is essential for environments that require cold conditions. You can adjust settings in the app at any point. If someone bumps temperatures up or down, you can handle accidents before problems occur.
  • Generate automated reports: With data located in one place, you can enhance information accuracy and avoid human error as much as possible. Up-to-date reports allow your staff to focus on other tasks.
  • Increase compliance with government guidelines: There are federal, state and local requirements for accurate data reporting. Following these rules and regulations increase the likelihood that your business avoids fines, fees and other issues.
  • Receive alerts for various problems: A freezer temperature monitoring system can send notifications directly to your phone via text messages or emails for real-time updates. That way, you’re always aware of changes.
  • Protect inventory from damage or loss: Product spillage or spoilage has costly results for your operation, so avoid these issues with constant coverage.
  • Utilize advanced technology: Wireless sensors and other features let you check on your freezer’s condition without going to a different room or even opening the unit’s door.

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At Wayne Alarm Systems, our room temperature monitoring systems provide a highly accurate and reliable way of always knowing the temperature in a given location. These systems require no software or external server and no special maintenance. You get consistent, easy access to temperature data at all times for your peace of mind.

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