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What Are Smart Control Locks?

Humankind has always sought new ways to achieve security for the things they care about. The lock and key was a breakthrough in security, keeping both possessions and people safe. Today, every home has a front door lock to give homeowners control over who enters their house. But technology is always advancing, and a new form of home security has hit the market.

Smart door locks have swept the nation and the world as an exciting new way to keep your home safe. But what are smart locks? What do smart locks do? What is a smart lock system? This article answers all your smart lock questions. Discover the benefits of smart locks and how they can change the way you think about your home security.

How Do Smart Locks Work?

Everyone understands the basic function of a front door lock. Using a key or deadbolt, people can lock and unlock their front door to deny or grant entry into their home. But how does an electronic door lock work? First, you need two things: electricity and Wi-Fi access. Smart locks use battery power so you always have access to your front door, even when the power goes out. The smart lock uses the battery to enable automatic locking and unlocking functions, as well as other exciting features.

That’s where the Wi-Fi comes into play. Your smart lock connects to the internet through your home’s Wi-Fi to access various features. Using an app on your smartphone, you can control your smart lock in new and exciting ways. It might take a little practice, but before long, you’ll experience the many benefits of smart control locks.

5 Benefits of Installing a Smart Lock

A smart lock has many benefits beyond an automatic locking mechanism. This can make your life more convenient, but soon you’ll wonder how you ever lived without your smart lock’s life-changing benefits.

1. Use Your Smartphone as the Key to Your Front Door

Smartphones have become an essential part of many people’s daily lives. Checking work emails, communicating with friends and browsing the web are a few ways society uses smartphones. Many people treat their phones as the most important item they need when they leave their homes. With a smart lock, you can give your smartphone one more essential function — you can use it as the key to your front door.

Dropping and losing your keys is a thing of the past. You can even avoid standing in the rain or snow fishing through keys on your key ring for a way indoors. As long as you have your smartphone on you, you can lock and unlock your front door with ease. A simple tap of your phone screen or a touch on your smart lock will unlock your door. You’ll streamline your busy mornings when you can lock the door behind you with the touch of a button.

2. Access Your Smart Lock From Anywhere With Internet Access

With the advent of the internet, people have experienced a new level of connection. People use online video chats on their smart devices to catch up with friends on the other side of the world. Smart home devices let people ask Google questions as they do chores around the house. Smart thermostats allow people to change their home’s temperature when they’re at the office or away on vacation. It’s a new era of wireless technology, and that technology extends to your smart lock.

Since your smart lock connects to the internet, you can control it with your smartphone using Wi-Fi or cellular data. Not sure if you locked the door when you left for work? Use your smart lock app to lock it from your desk. Is a relative swinging by your house to drop something off? Grant them access to your home from anywhere with a tap of your phone screen. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can access the functions of your smart lock.

3. Enjoy Enhanced Security Features

Many people wonder if smart locks are secure. This is an understandable concern. People have trusted standard locks for generations, but even they fail once in a while. Your key can get stuck in the lock, or you can misplace it. Thieves use lockpicks and other tools to get past door locks regularly. And on some occasions, people forget to lock their front door altogether. Smart locks offer enhanced security features to overcome these issues and give you peace of mind.

Many smart locks include a small camera. This lets you view a live video stream of what’s happening on your front porch. Your smart lock will notify you on your smartphone when someone is there, so you can tune in and see what’s happening. You can even talk into your phone, and your smart lock will project your voice to whoever is standing there. This makes smart locks a deterrent to thieves and criminals who wish to remain anonymous.

Many smart locks leave out the standard lock, so there is no chance of someone picking your lock. As long as your smartphone is in your pocket or purse, you can be at ease knowing your front door is secure. You control who gets access to your front door, leaving criminals out of the equation.

4. Connect Your Smart Lock With Other Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices have changed how people interact with technology within their homes. There’s a smart device for everything, including thermostats, lights, faucets and even toilets. When everyday devices use smart technology, you experience new ways to interact with these essential items. Connect these smart devices together, and you’ll experience a whole new level of convenient technology in the home.

If you’re into smart home devices, then a smart lock is an essential part of the system. With a smart home hub device, you can experience full integration of all your smart home gadgets. This will reveal new ways to use your smart lock that will add more convenience to your life. Using your voice to lock and unlock your front door from anywhere in your house is only the beginning.

5. Customize It to Fit Your Life

After you’ve spent some time with your new smart lock, you’ll have a better understanding of all its functions and capabilities. This will allow you to customize it to fit your life. Once you experience the possibilities of your smart lock, you’ll never want to go back to a standard front door lock again.

Use your smart lock app to get deep into the functions of your smart lock. Give other people in your life access to your smart lock by adding them to your access list. You can even schedule times of the day when specific people can use their phones to unlock your front door. And with a smart home hub, you can customize voice commands to dim the lights, turn down the music and lock the doors all at once.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. To understand all the benefits of a smart lock, you’ll have to get one and see for yourself.

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