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Reasons to Add Environmental Monitors in Apartment & Office Buildings

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If you own an apartment building, you may already be looking for an environmental monitoring system. If not, you should be. If you are not familiar with environmental monitoring, it refers to a system that your alarm company can set up for you, often paired to a smart home control system, that makes sure the temperature in your building stays within a certain comfort zone.

Environmental monitoring is connected to your HVAC system, so it controls and monitors your ventilation, room temperature and humidity. Your environmental monitoring system can also be designed to control your lights and alert you in case of mishaps like burst pipes, flooding, carbon monoxide leaks, smoke or fire.

When you own an apartment building, the safety of your tenants and your property depends on your ability to act fast. If a unit is too hot or too cold, it could put your tenants in danger, especially if they are elderly. If a pipe bursts, the faster you act, the more you can minimize damage. If you are having a problem with your heating or air conditioning system, you can bring someone in to repair the problem before it gets worse or you start getting a torrent of tenant complaints.

The value of knowing instantly in the case of a fire or gas leak is clear.

The Importance of Environmental Monitoring in Office Buildings

You may be aware of the need for environmental monitors in apartment buildings, but do office buildings need environmental monitoring as well? Absolutely. If you own or manage an office building, you need to know that your staff and your equipment are operating under safe conditions.

In an office, you have many people in an extremely tight space. If you can receive an alert as soon as there is fire or smoke detected, or the moment the air conditioning goes out, you can take steps to act immediately before there is a panic. The longer such a situation goes unaddressed, the more likely it is to get out of control and potentially lead to chaos among your staff.

In addition, as with apartment buildings, office buildings typically have many occupied units in very close proximity. In case of a flood or fire, you want to be able to act to cut off the disaster before it spreads throughout the entire building. The extra minutes you gain from active monitoring could make all the difference.

Although the safety of your staff is the top priority, there’s also your office equipment to consider. You may have thousands of dollars’ worth of computer and communications equipment — equipment that may be highly temperature-sensitive. If your office temperature gets too high for too long without your knowing about it, it could result in tremendous hardware losses and even loss of data, to say nothing of what would happen in the case of a fire or flood.

How to Monitor the Temperature in a Commercial Building

Now that you understand all the reasons to install environmental monitors in apartment and office buildings, what is the best approach for you and your business? If your apartment or office building is located in Massachusetts or throughout New England, you can call Wayne Alarm Systems for your business environmental monitoring today.

Wayne Alarm Systems can offer you a range of monitoring and environmental control services, allowing you to not only control the lights, temperature and more when you are not at your facility but also make sure you are alerted in the case of any changes to the environment in your building. We can connect you to our 5 Diamond Monitoring Center so that there are always eyes on your facility and a real human operator can notify you and the proper emergency services in the case of any threat to your building, staff, tenants or property.

Contact Wayne Alarm Systems to Discuss Environmental Monitoring for Your Apartment or Office Today

With half a century of security, monitoring and alarm experience — and countless satisfied customers in both the residential and commercial space — you can be confident that we have the technology and know-how to protect your business. Our monitoring systems will give you the safety and the peace of mind you need to focus on getting the most out of your business.

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