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Avoid Mistakes Heating Your Home With Temperature Sensors

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Our cold days have begun and during the Christmas season it’s no different. Families enjoy cuddling up in a warm house with hot cocoa over marathons of holiday movies. Sometimes the cold weather can put a pause to that with mistakes that are often made every winter.

Here are some tips to keep your home nice and warm throughout your movie marathons:

Increasing the temperature in your home too much can never be a smart move. It causes your boiler and heating unit to work too hard. Lowering it too much during the night can also be just as dangerous, making your heating appliances work twice as hard the next morning to heat up a, now, cold house. Making your house completely cold can cause pipes to freeze, and that is not a way to spend your winter. Instead, lower it enough to where your home can maintain a warm enough temperature.

Turning radiators off in a room isn’t always your best solution to save money. In many cases, you end up spending more. Turning off certain radiators can affect how your system runs while it alters its pressure. It can take twice as long for other radiators to warm up or to reach the temperature of your preference. It can also make it harder to heat your home because cold air in the empty rooms can cause draughts and lower the temperatures of hallways and rooms, costing you twice as much. A better solution is to turn on all your radiators — at least most of them — on a lower temperature to heat up your home.

Using Wayne Alarms Temperature Sensors can easily put most of these problems to rest. A small panel that can be placed anywhere throughout your home: basements, bedrooms, refrigerators.  It allows you to be easily alerted if the pipes are in danger of freezing when it’s extremely cold out. The temperature sensor has cool features such as if placed in a kitchen, it can tell you if the temperature of the refrigerator has risen or if it might spoil the food. With 24/7 monitoring, if anything out of the ordinary occurs, you’ll be immediately notified.

Call Wayne Alarms today (781)595-0000, and ask about installing temp sensors today.

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