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Fire Monitoring Systems for Apartment & Office Buildings

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Why Fire Monitoring Is Crucial for Busy Apartment & Office Buildings

If you own or manage a busy apartment or an office building, fire is a constant fear. When you have a large group of people in one area, fires can start quickly, without warning and for many reasons. If a fire were to break out it in the building, it can rapidly do massive amounts of damage to both people and property.

You may already have a smoke detection and fire alarm system in place to comply with local building codes, but this may not be enough. The reality is that when many people are in an extremely tight space, a fire can cause panic to ensue, and a traditional fire alarm may not give you the warning you need to act in time to prevent major property damage or loss of life.

Even if you are responsible for an office that is rarely heavily occupied, there is a good chance your facility contains a good deal of expensive equipment that you want to keep as safe from the possibility of fire damage as possible. So what can you do to more fully protect your apartment building or office and everything and everyone in it?

Keeping Large Buildings Safe From Fires

While there are many steps you can take to help keep your building safe from fires — including keeping the apartment or office clean, making sure all tenants or staff know the location of fire extinguishers and fire exits and limiting the areas where smoking is permitted — one of the best steps you can take to promote fire safety in large buildings is fire monitoring.

How Fire Monitoring Works to Protect You and Your Apartment or Office Building

Fire monitoring is more than just a fire or smoke alarm. It involves linking your smoke and fire sensors to a monitoring center, where live monitoring professionals are present 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The moment smoke or fire is detected, these monitoring professionals are alerted and spring into action. Once they verify that there is an actual fire emergency, they can notify you and the proper emergency personnel to take action fast.

There is no comparison to the peace of mind you will feel knowing that you will be notified the instant there is a fire emergency in your apartment or office building. Without fire monitoring, should a mishap occur causing a fire in the middle of the night, your entire office could burn to the ground before anyone is alerted in time to respond.

With fire monitoring, the precious minutes you gain could actually save a life, not to mention give you the opportunity to isolate or put out the fire before it can spread to additional areas of your apartment building or office.

An additional benefit of fire monitoring is that it gives you more credibility with local fire department personnel. Fire departments often have to deal with many false alarms, which can be not only frustrating but can also cost them precious time they could be using to rescue someone in a real emergency. When you have fire monitoring, the local fire department will know they are dealing with a real, verified emergency, and they can respond faster and more confidently to the situation.

Contact Wayne Alarm Systems for Fire Monitoring and Other Protection Services

If your apartment building or office building is located in Massachusetts or other areas throughout New England and you do not yet have fire monitoring, Wayne Alarm Systems can help. We have access to a UL Listed Five Diamond Monitoring Center that you can be sure will be at the ready to act instantly should you have a fire emergency.

We can set your office up with a variety of safety and security measures connected to your fire monitoring, including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, video surveillance cameras, temperature sensors and more. Our experts can assess the needs of your apartment or office and design a fire protection solution that fits both your needs and your budget.

Wayne Alarm Systems has been providing security and protection alarm services in New England for over 50 years, and we are constantly evolving to provide the best, most state-of-the-art solutions to protect you and your business. Your safety and peace of mind are always our primary concern. To get started with giving your building the protection it needs and deserves, just call us up at 781-595-000 or contact us online now.

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