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5 Security Tips for Protecting Rental Homes

On March 18, 2022, In Uncategorized,

Protecting rental property — and tenants — is a top priority for landlords, especially in high-traffic areas vulnerable to petty crime. Renters are more likely to be burgled than homeowners, which puts a spotlight on landlords to amp up their rental property security measures.

Here at Wayne Alarm Systems, we’ll demonstrate how to protect and secure your rental property and keep your tenants safe with these five tips.

1. Install Secure Doors and Locks

While security for rental homes will vary, all common entrance areas for rental properties should have secure locks at a minimum. Each unit should have its own double-cylinder deadbolt lock, which is the most secure type.

Home automation locks take security one step further. They allow tenants to grant scheduled access to family or friends. If your tenant forgets to lock their door, they can easily lock it remotely through their smart device.

2. Invest in External Lighting

Protect your rental property with one of the simplest tricks — great external lighting. Typically, communal areas should be properly lit, as well as any back exits and parking lots. Placing automatic lights above doorways also gives your tenants peace of mind. They’ll control when automatic light will turn on or off, so they aren’t fumbling with their keys in the dark.

Should tenants ever forget to turn their lights off before leaving, they can double-check using the Total Connect App. Automatic lights also give the illusion your tenant is home, even if they’re away on vacation or working.

3. Make Sure Windows Are Secure

Strong, secure windows, especially ground floor windows, are vital for keeping your tenants safe. Many burglaries occur because windows or doors are unlocked, making the home or apartment a quick target. Encourage your tenants to lock their windows at night and when they’re gone. If possible, install additional locks on the windows like a sash lock. Sash locks are easy to install and work on both vertical and horizontal opening windows.

If you have the budget, upgrade the window itself to tempered, laminated or safety glass. If your rental property is in a high=crime area, metal grills are an option, too.

virtual doorbells

4. Use Security Cameras/Surveillance

Just the presence of a visible security camera can deter theft. Honeywell Total Connect Cameras take your tenant’s security one step further using motion-sensing technology. They’ll record whenever motion is detected and send a 10-second clip to your tenant’s smartphone — even if they aren’t home. Tenants can monitor their homes at all hours of the day or when they’re away on vacation.

Virtual doorbells also enable your tenant to “answer the door” from afar — even at night, with its live monitoring and color night vision features.

5. Set Up An Alarm System

While securing a rental property may be challenging, an alarm system can save you and your tenants thousands of dollars in damages. Each residence requires different security measures, but most security alarm systems incorporate door alarms, window sensors and access control measures.

Depending on your tenant’s needs, you can install medical alert systems or even temperature control features. Your alarm system is customizable to your property or tenant’s desired specifications. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we’ll help you determine the best alternatives for your property.

We Can Help With Rental Property Security

Are you ready to amplify your tenant’s and rental property’s safety and security by setting up a comprehensive rental property security system? Wayne Alarm Systems is here to help. We’re committed to providing security solutions that protect people and residences while providing peace of mind for property owners. We’re steadfast experts with over 50 years of experience securing families and businesses.

Our friendly, helpful personnel will help customize a home security system for you and your rental property’s individual needs. We’re mission-driven and transparent, meaning we put you first to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your home security system. Contact us today or request a quote to get started!

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