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The island of Nantucket, 30 miles off the Cape Cod, is an idyllic New England location that is popular among those looking for a quality summer home, tourists and those who choose more permanent island living alike.

Unfortunately, no place — no matter how desirable the community — is completely immune from crime. You need security alarm services in Nantucket just as you would anywhere else. But where do you go for such services? Local security alarm services in Nantucket that are only used to dealing with island threats may not be sophisticated enough to give you the protection you need.

Fortunately, there are Wayne Alarm’s security services for homes in Nantucket. Wayne Alarm has been serving the state of Massachusetts with high-quality security, fire and other alarm protection services for over 50 years and we have now brought our experience, dedicated personnel and high-tech security solutions to Nantucket Island.

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In 2012, Wayne Alarm saw a need for their services on the Island of Nantucket MA and started up operations. Since 2012 we have seen tremendous growth and have been extremely proud to help keep the island safe from burglars.

Anyone who either lives or has visited Nantucket understands the beauty and special feeling the Island beholds. Whether you live in Nantucket year-round or rent it out, it’s important that you keep your assets as safe as possible. This is where Wayne Alarm comes in to help.

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Benefits of Residential & Commercial Security Alarm Services in Nantucket

If you haven’t had the opportunity to take advantage of Wayne Alarm security systems before, you may not be aware of what all the benefits are. Wayne Alarm has services that are:

  • UL-Listed:Meet the stringent standards of Underwriters Laboratories. UL is approved by OSHA for safety testing and their inspections are a reliable source of verifying safety and performance.
  • FM-Approved:An FM mark means a security company has proven their ability to conform to the high standards of FM Global and to pass their ongoing five-step certification process.
  • 5 Diamond-Certified Alarm Monitoring Provider:5 Diamond Certification means you can rely on a monitoring station to have highly-qualified personnel trained to respond fast and effectively to a critical emergency.

No other provider of home or business security alarm services in Nantucket can claim all of these qualities. The importance of linking your home security system to a reliable 24/7 monitoring center cannot be overstated. With full central monitoring, the authorities will be notified as soon as a verified break-in is attempted in your home. Those authorities will act fast knowing it is a legitimate call, and those few extra minutes can be the difference between a home invader’s successful break-in and their capture.

With Wayne Alarm, you get the benefit of a large, sophisticated alarm system with a local island presence that understands the specific needs of Nantucket Island homes and businesses with respect to security.

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Commercial Security Alarm Services in Nantucket

Just as important as home security is business security systems. We understand that there are many thriving businesses on Nantucket Island, which is why we offer not just residential security alarm services but also commercial security systems. In a community like Nantucket, you may expect retail theft to occur at a lower rate due to the standards and reputation of the community, but the truth is that some crimes, like shoplifting, know no boundaries.

Retail stores, more frequently than you might think, are the victims of theft from employees or other normally upstanding citizens. For some reason, people are more likely to rob or burglarize a business than a home, thinking either that no one will notice or that it is a “victimless” crime.

However vulnerable your Nantucket business may or may not be, there is absolutely no reason you should not protect yourself to the greatest extent possible — especially since Wayne Alarm is available on the island to provide you with a customized security solution. We can design a commercial security system for your Nantucket-based business that fits your needs and your budget, offering solutions like access control and video surveillance in addition to traditional burglar alarms.

Residential Safety & Security Systems for Nantucket Homeowners

If you’re new to Wayne Alarm on Nantucket Island, you should also know that Wayne Alarm isn’t just about burglar alarms. We’re also happy to provide our other services to our Nantucket Island neighbors, such as:

  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms:Fire or a carbon monoxide leak in your home can lead to massive property losses, physical injuries or worse. In the case of fire or carbon monoxide, seconds can make the difference. With sensitive alarm systems and vigilant 24/7 monitoring, you’ll get those extra seconds and minutes that could save you from massive losses — or even save a life.
  • Environmental Monitoring:If your Nantucket residence is your summer home, there are lots of times you won’t be around. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if something happens, like a burst pipe, flood or sudden change in temperature, you can know immediately and respond even from far away? That’s exactly what an environmental monitoring system in Nantucket from Wayne Alarm provides you.
  • Medical Alert (PERS):Wayne Alarm can not only protect your home from fires and burglary, but we can also help safeguard your help with emergency medical alert call buttons linked to our 5-Diamond 24/7 monitoring. Never again will you have to worry about being stranded in your Nantucket Island home, desperately needing medical attention that you have no way of contacting. Our high-tech and responsive medical alert system means help is always just the push of a button away.
  • Total Connect Home Technology:No matter how comfortable or luxurious your Nantucket Island home is, smart home technology can make it better. With Lyric, you get almost total remote control over your Nantucket Island home environment. It’s an unprecedented level of luxury and convenience that you want and deserve, and Wayne Alarm can bring it to you on Nantucket Island right now.

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If you have a home or business on Nantucket Island, we’d love to share more with you about what we can offer for your safety, protection and peace of mind. Come find out what has made us one of the most popular and trusted alarm companies in Massachusetts for over 50 years. For more information, please call us today at 508-825-9200 or, if you’re on the island, visit us at 7 Bayberry Court, Nantucket, MA.

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