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Honeywell Total Connect 2.0

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As a homeowner, ensuring your property is protected is a priority. There are many safety measures to incorporate to ensure you and your household’s safety and complete well-being. With the help of a remote monitoring system and a reliable alarm system app, you can be notified immediately if something is going on and react fast to prevent serious harm or damage. These home security devices can improve your safety and give you confidence that your home is secure.

With the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing there is a home security app in place to help keep you and your family safe. Read on to learn how Total Connect 2.0 can help you secure your home and keep your family safe.

What Is the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0?

Total Connect is the platform created by Honeywell, also known as Resideo so that customers can control their alarm systems remotely. With the assistance of the app, you can remotely arm and disarm the alarm, allowing you to control the signal from anywhere without having to rely on someone else to turn it off.

Additionally, you can set your Honeywell up to send you notifications for any alarms or events. You can also connect your cameras with the system, and with the highest package, you can integrate any home automation device with your system.

There are currently three different packages for the Total Connect, as well as a Total Connect Video package that can be added in addition to any of the packages. With these options, you can choose the package that meets your unique needs.

The Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 is an alarm system that goes above and beyond, so you can protect your home or business everywhere you go.

How Does Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Work?

The Total Connect security system uses security systems, safety alerts, remote access and systems that sync to create a safe environment for you, whether at home or at your business.

Some people may wonder why they need security other than a locked door or deadbolt. Unfortunately, those who are determined to break in can maneuver their way past a locked home. With the Total Connect security system, you can keep an eye on any suspicious activity, even from outside the home.

While there are burglars out there, there are also issues like fire, carbon monoxide and smoke that can cause serious health hazards in your home. With the Total Connect safety alerts, you can be notified quickly if anything is off in your home or business. In an emergency, every moment matters, and saving time with instant notifications could give you the time you need to secure your property.

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With your Total Connect system, you can have the ability to control everything and receive notifications without having to physically be in your home or business. Did you forget to lock your door when you left for work this morning? Don’t worry! With your Total Connect system and app, you can easily make sure all your doors are locked.

Additionally, when you implement Total Connect, you can easily sync this alarm system with your other smart home systems so everything works in unison. This gives you a multilayered defense system against hazards such as intruders and carbon monoxide.

The Honeywell Total Connect system offers complete reassurance by using innovative features to notify you of potential property hazards instantly. This product can help protect your private residence or business and let you feel confident your property is secure.

Honeywell Total Connect Features

The Total Connect security system offers many refined features to protect your home and your business, including the following:

  • Remote control: You can arm and disarm your alarm, lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off, adjust the thermostat temperature and even open and close Chamberlain garage doors from anywhere with the Total Connect system. This capability can save you the stress of returning home or going back to work to make sure your property is secure. Ensure everything is safe with the press of a button.
  • Smart scenes: You can customize your home with your Total Connect. For instance, if you want to set certain locks and temperatures when you leave or go to bed, you can set that up with this system so it does it automatically.
  • Push notification: Whenever there are extreme temperature changes, water leaks, motion detected or doors opening, you will receive a notification directly from the app to alert you. And since you have remote control from your phone, you can make any adjustments or changes needed immediately.
  • Geofencing: Location awareness alerts you when you are out of the boundaries to remind you to set the alarm and lock any doors you may need.
  • Video surveillance: You can add doorbell cameras and Wi-Fi cameras to your alarm system to keep an eye on your home, inside and out.
  • Voice control: If you have an Alexa, you can connect it with your alarm system to help control your home.
  • Compatible with IFTTT: If you have IFTTT, you can configure it to work with your Total Connect account.

With the Total Connect app, you can remotely control and manage your home or business to provide the best safety for you and your family or your employees.

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