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What to do When Your Alarm Goes Off?

On January 19, 2022, In Uncategorized,

When your home alarm goes off, it can be a frightening and sometimes confusing experience. Your first instinct might be to immediately disable the alarm siren.  But, if you do this, how do you know you didn’t just disable an alarm for a burglar that might have just broken in?  The fact is, most of us are not sure what we’d do in this case.  The key is to be prepared. 

 Stay Calm

It is natural for us to panic in emergency situations. As a result, we tend to react rather than think. However, when your home alarm goes off, you should take a moment to calm your senses before doing something rash.  It’s easier to think about your options when you’re calm. A home security system is designed with an extremely loud alarm siren to scare off an intruder.  

Verify It’s Not a False Alarm

The next thing to do is to verify whether the alarm is false.  Read any notifications or messages appearing on the keypad display (if it’s nearby) and then investigate, however don’t put yourself in danger to do so. If you suspect that there is an actual threat in the house, find a safe place to wait for the authorities.

Keep Your Phone Nearby

First, Wayne Alarm Systems is notified when the alarm is triggered and will immediately be contacting you to assess the situation.  They will also notify the authorities if needed. Second, you can call someone outside of your home in order to get help. Contact a friend or relative and let them know what’s going on.

 Know Your Password

When Wayne Alarm Systems calls your home, they will ask for your password.  If you know it’s a false alarm and don’t want to notify the police, you must have your password. If you don’t know your password, the authorities will be dispatched.  This is because the security company has no way of knowing that you are who you say you are, or if you might be speaking under duress.

 Have a Plan

An effective plan can help you remain calm and could potentially save lives. The best plan is to designate a safe area to wait for authorities to clear your home of danger.  The safe area (or room) should ideally be as far away as possible from any potential break-in areas. It’s also a good idea to have a deadbolt installed on the door. Although security systems can help make your home and family more secure and safe, you will still need to practice vigilance and awareness in case of an emergency.  Never put yourself or your family members in danger.  The best option is to let your security system do what it is designed to do – and that’s to help you.