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When Should I Change My Door Locks?

On May 16, 2016, In News,

Installing the proper home security systems is crucial in keeping your family and valuables safe but people often forget about other security risks. It is very often that people forget about changing their doors locks during times that they should.

Most of us haven’t even considered getting a new door lock or re-keying our current locks. You certainly don’t have to get your locks replaced on any sort of regular basis but you should think about it during these following situations:

When You Lose Your Keys: When most people lose their keys they have no idea when or where they lost them. Whether they fell out of your pocket, or someone took them, you should always replace your locks. You can never trust people, and depending on who wound up with your keys, they could have bad intensions. Just knowing that someone in your town could possibly have a key to your house, is enough to change the locks.

Moving Into A New House: When purchasing a new home, it is impossible to know who else still has a copy of those keys. The previous home-owner may have given them out to a friend, co-worker or neighbor.

Your House Got Broken Into:  With a burglar running through your house, they could have always grabbed a spare set of keys with the hopes of returning. They also may have damaged a door lock or two when trying to enter the house. If you had a break-in and don’t have an alarm security system, be sure to also call Wayne Alarm Systems for a free security consultation.

Divorce or Relationship Break-Up:  Break ups bring the worst out of people and if your significant other had a key, be sure to change or re-key the door locks. This can also apply with a former friend or roommate that you don’t trust.

To protect the ones you love, there are preventative steps that need to be taken. Re-keying your doors and installing a home security system can be the difference between something bad happening or not.

Products to consider:  There are many new technology devices available for residential homes that are a great solution to consider when replacing your door locks. Kwikset has electronic smart door locks in which you do not even need a key to enter. These locks can be opened by entering a passcode via the electronic keypad, thru an application such as total connect, and some models even interface with Bluetooth on your phone. The benefit to these is that you can add and delete codes for users as needed. No more changing locks every time your roommate leaves or your cleaning lady lost the keys.