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Why Do I Need to Upgrade My Radio?

On March 3, 2020, In News,

As a valued Wayne Alarm Systems customer, our goal is to ensure that we are providing you with the most innovative solutions when it comes to your security and life safety systems.

As you may be aware, Verizon and AT&T will be sun-setting their 3G / 4G network by the end of January 2022. More information and the Official Notice Letter from Verizon will be included at the bottom of this notice. The sunset is crucial for the communication of your system to our Wayne Alarm Systems Monitoring Center, which necessitates an upgrade to the latest technology.

Every 3G / 4G / CDMA radio will need to be upgraded by the end of 2022 to the latest LTE technology to ensure communications to our Wayne Alarm Systems Monitoring Center. You may have already heard from our office regarding an opportunity to schedule an appointment.

Wayne Alarm Systems is dedicated to the protection and monitoring of our customers, which is why we will be starting this process early, ensuring no one will be left in the dark and without monitoring.

Wayne Alarm Systems has made every effort to minimize the cost to our valued customers. Please speak to our sales department for specific pricing for your model.

Verizon / Resideo Official Notice 

AT&T Official Notice


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License No. C-1111

Massachusetts Department of Public Safety
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