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Medical Alert Systems – Giving Families Peace of Mind

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If you worry about what would happen if a friend, family member or loved one fell or had a medical incident when no one was around, then a medical alert system may be a choice that can give you peace of mind. A slip and fall, an injury, or a medical emergency can happen when you least expect it, including times when you are not near a phone. A medical alert system can mean the difference between getting immediate help and being alone in pain for hours, and in some cases days. Here are some of the key components of the Wayne Alarm Medical Alert System PERS.


Why You Need a Wayne Alarm Medical Alert System


  • Independence and Peace of Mind  – As we age we lose a bit of our balance as well as our ability to “catch” ourselves as we fall. Thousands of seniors slip and fall or have medical emergencies every year that result in broken hips, legs, or other physical injury. In the event of one of these things happening, the person may not be able to call for help by themselves. This is a problem if the person still lives independently.  A Wayne Alarm Medical Alert System has a wireless remote activator in the base unit that allows you to activate the system when you are away from the main receiver – whether you are in another room or enjoying time in your backyard. That means if there is a fall, a call can be made to emergency services for you. This will allow seniors to maintain their independence and lifestyles they enjoy, while at the same time having peace of mind.


  • ‘Round the Clock Monitoring – Wayne Alarm is unique in that our monitoring system is local and is monitoring nearby 24/7. Once the emergency button has been activated, emergency personnel can talk to you through the base unit to see what has happened and whether an ambulance is needed. Our industry-certified and trained professionals can dispatch an ambulance, fire or EMTs to your home quickly so that you can get the appropriate care.


  • Two-Way Communication – Our base units allow our clients to have a conversation with our dispatchers in case of an emergency or in the rare case that the emergency button has been pushed accidentally. Either way, we check in to see how you are doing so that you can remain mobile and independent as long as you want.


If you have questions about how our medical alert system works, or if it is right for you or a loved one, call Wayne Alarm in Lynn, MA (781) 595-0000 or Nantucket, MA (508) 825-9200.


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