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Home Automation is Home Savings

On October 25, 2017, In home automation,

Have you been dreaming about the day that your home can run itself? Well, it may not be able to pick up after your kids or fix the plumbing, but technology exists that allows your home to be almost completely automated in ways that not only allow for more comfort, but also provide  important savings!

Home automation, also called Smart Home Automation, now exists that gives homeowners the ability to remotely control the lighting, locks, thermostat, and alarm system. Installing a system like this may seem luxurious and something that is beyond your budget, but consider that incorporating smart home technology into your home will make it easier to reduce energy consumption and your impact on the environment (your personal carbon footprint). In addition, the money you’ll save on your energy bills will help offset the costs to automate your home. Here are three examples of how home automation can boost savings for your family.


  • Lighting Savings – Lighting is the second highest category of energy use in most homes. Approximately a third of the lights that are being used are unnecessary. Imagine being able to remotely turn off the lights you forgot about before you left the house. Or better yet, motion sensors that know when there are no occupants in a room and can save you energy by turning off those lights not in use. Every bit counts when your utility bill is ticking away the usage numbers.
  • Heating and Cooling Savings – Heating and Cooling is the largest use of energy in most homes. Programmable and smart thermostats can either detect that no one is home and adjust the level of air or can be programmed to coordinate with your family’s unique schedule. This home automation has been shown to save homeowners an average of $135 a year or more depending upon your usage.
  • Insurance Costs – Depending upon the type of coverage your home has, some insurance companies offer up to 20% reduction in your premiums. The reason for this is that home automation lessens the incidence of claims due to fire and water damage, as well as theft.


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