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Halloween Safety Tips For Your Home


Here are our top 15 safety-first Halloween tips for all you homeowners. You’ll never wonder how to stay safe during Halloween again.

Many people look forward to Halloween’s yummy treats, sneaky tricks and creative costumes. While it can be a delightful celebration, there is always a risk of things going awry.

Statistics show that crime rates can be up to 50% higher on Halloween, depending on your town. But don’t fret — follow our 15 tips for Halloween safety to keep your home and guests happy. Be safe and get ready for this year’s festivities.

Halloween general home safety tips

#1 Turn off your alarm before trick-or-treaters arrive

We encourage consistent arming of your home security system. However, preventing false security system alarms is also important.

Halloween calls for your door to be open and closed often, so disarm your home security system before Captain America or Queen Elsa rings your doorbell.

#2 Put your pets in a closed room

Furry friends can bring joy and love to any home, but not all your visitors will feel the same way.

Confine your pet in a room away from the front door. You’ll keep them less stressed, prevent unwanted harm and protect them from getting loose.

#3 Turn on outside lights

A dark house can tell people you’re not accepting visitors and could also be an accident (or break-in) waiting to happen.

Keep the pathway from the street to your door well-lit to prevent any accidents. Install motion-sensor lights to add even more lighting for trick-or-treaters walking toward your door.

#4 Sweep your driveway and walkway

Fall means cooler weather, and cooler weather means extra leaves on the ground. Prevent scraped knees and other accidents by sweeping away dirt, leaves or branches from your driveway or sidewalk.

Halloween decorating safety tips

#5 Don’t place decorations on sidewalks

Skip placing pumpkins, webs or skeletons on your sidewalk. Instead, place them off to the side. Your guests should look at your decorations, not walk on them.

#6 Use LED-lit candles insteadof real candles

Try swapping real candles out for LED ones instead. Your jack-o’-lanterns will have the same effect without the added risk.

If you light jack-o’-lanterns or candles with real flame, ensure your smoke detectors have a fresh battery and are in working order.

#7Tone down the scary decorations

Scary decorations could invite people to react in a way that you might not have wanted and deter younger visitors. To prevent people from attacking your decorations and to welcome more visitors, tone down the scary and opt for playfulness.

Halloween safety tips for homeowners

#8 Finish your home improvements

Don’t forget Halloween safety for toddlers and other young children since it’s a night for fun, not injury.

Loose bricks and broken railings can be dangerous for overly excited kids. Go ahead and get around to your home improvements — the less risk at your home, the better.

#9 Park your car in the garage

Instead of risking accidental dents, scratches or pranks, park your car in your garage. If you don’t have a garage, park your vehicle in a place with low traffic.

Lock your car doors to set the internal alarm system, giving you an added security boost.

#10 Take pictures of your property before festivities begin

Take pictures of your property before trick-or-treaters start to arrive and call your home insurance agent to check up on your plan’s coverage.

#11 Give your home a security badge

Send the message to parents that your home is safe and warn unwanted guests that your home is protected. Place your home security yard sign and window stickers strategically for easy spotting.

#12 Keep an eye on your front door

Since you’ll have trick-or-treaters knocking at your door fairly often, you’ll want to be near your door. However, it’s a good idea to lock your door after every visit.

Install a doorbell camera so you know who’s at your door before you open it.

#13 Turn your alarm back on before you go to bed

Don’t forget to set your alarm to stay or night mode at the end of the night. Having an armed and monitored home can give you the comfort needed to rest after an active evening.

Halloween COVID safety tips  

#14 Avoid homemade treats

Skip your famous candy corn mix and stick with the fun-size candies you can buy in bulk from the store. Store-bought candy labels have allergy warnings that can help prevent life-threatening reactions. Plus, the sweet treat inside is guaranteed to be up to sanitation standards.

#15 Keep a safe distance between yourself and trick-or-treaters

Use a candy chute, clothesline or even a large cauldron with an extra-long ladle to pass out candy at a safe distance.

Have a safe and fun Halloween. Practice our tips and enjoy the holiday. If you have any questions regarding your home security, contact us today.

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