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Free Apps That Increase Your Security

On November 8, 2016, In Uncategorized,

With mobile apps making our lives easier, there has been a growth within the app industry to provide more protection to our lives simply by using our mobile devices. All of these apps are free and compatible with Android and IOS.

  1.     NowSecure Mobile: We all know that companies and even sites such as Facebook can look through and collect our data. In order to protect yourself against unwanted threat, download NowSecure Mobile app. It monitors your phone’s operating system, network and other apps for security vulnerabilities, all while generating a code to protect your phone.
  2.     Companion: Even if they don’t have the app downloaded, Companion is great to allow friends and family, even your local police, see where you are when heading to your designation with a simple invite. The most important aspect the app provides, however, is the 15 second alarm called Smart Trigger, which checks in to make sure you are safe and, if by any chance you don’t respond within those 15 seconds, alerts your companions.
  3.     As the Internet continues to expand, public Wi-Fi has become a threat to personal information. A threat that experts say can be easily intercepted. Skycure, however, is an app that performs tests on wireless networks so that there are no breaches and sends you notifications on any cyber attacks you might reach. It is advanced enough to keep track of the locations of those networks so it can then prevent from hurting apps within your mobile device or other app users.
  4.     Lookout, an all-around security app, allows you to find a lost or misplaced phone and backup data. Lookout also warns you about other security risks: notifies you about how to improve your phone’s security settings, tells you which apps are tracking your phone or revealing your location, and uses machine intelligence to detect threats.

5.     Although it’s more compatible with IOS 4.3 or later, Webroot SecureWeb is a great mobile browser that uses URL filtering to protect users from malicious websites. It automatically syncs with the company’s URL reputation database for protection and, search results are made to note safe and risky sites.

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