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Essex County MA Security Alarm Systems

Wayne Alarm Systems proudly serves Essex County, Massachusetts, to provide the highest-quality alarm and home monitoring systems for business and homeowners. With around 760,000 residents, Essex County is home to a diverse population of people who all have different safety concerns and needs to protect their homes and places of business. Making you feel safe and giving you the peace of mind you deserve is what we aim for. Whether you’re looking to install a new system, replace an outdated one or are simply seeking answers for your security questions, Wayne Alarm Systems is here to help.

Residential Security Systems for Essex County Homeowners

The safety of you and your family is important to us. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we want to help you find the home security alarm system that best fits your needs. You should never worry about the security of your home, whether you’re there or far away. We provide you with an extra set of eyes and ears so you can stop worrying and get back to doing the things you love.

Just in case something does go wrong, Wayne Alarm Systems will be there to protect your family & your home by taking immediate action to resolve the problem. We have a monitoring center set up to assist with all your home security needs.

  • Our burglar systems will catch any thief that targets your home, keeping you and your family, along with your belongings, safe from harm.
  • Installing a home automation system allows you to control your home’s thermostat, as well as locks, lights and home security cameras, from anywhere using an app on your smartphone.

Putting any of our home security systems in your Essex County home gives you a strong sense of security and also makes daily living much easier and more convenient. Learn more about our residential services online.

Commercial Security Systems for Essex County Businesses

It’s key to give the proper attention to all aspects of your business to make sure it’s running effectively. That includes your business’s security needs. When you install a security alarm and monitoring system at your business, you are protecting your employees, your customers or clients and all your assets. Some of our security systems for Essex County businesses include:

  • Video surveillance, which allows you to check in at your business, whether you’re close by or far away.
  • Access control systems, which make your property more secure and let you see exactly who is coming in and out.

Installing security systems can also lower your insurance costs. Depending on the type of business, lowering this cost can mean significant savings. Check out our business services to learn more.

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Gloucester, Lynn, Manchester, Peabody or many of the other towns in Essex County, Wayne Alarm Systems is ready to help you find the right alarm monitoring systems to best fit your needs.

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