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How to Make Sure Your Business Fire Alarm is Working

On May 22, 2018, In Uncategorized,

Do you know the last time your fire alarm was inspected? If you have a business in Massachusetts, regular fire alarm checks are required by both federal and state law. Make sure your alarm has been inspected according to schedule, both for safety and to avoid fines or other legal repercussions.

Why Are Fire Alarm Regulations in Place?

Fire alarm business regulations are in place because of the devastating effects fire can have on a business. In 2016, the National Fire Protection Association found that the total for direct property loss due to fire reached $10.6 billion. Additionally, roughly 3,000 people were killed in structure fires, and 12,275 were injured.

When you consider statistics like these, it’s easy to see why having a working fire alarm and suppression system in place is so important for businesses all over the country. And these numbers don’t even factor in the potential for lost revenue for your business if you have to shut down or make repairs after a fire.

Business Fire Alarm Maintenance Tips

An annual or quarterly inspection as required by law may not be enough. If you have a business to protect, a fire could be devastating, so it’s very important to make sure your fire system is working always. While there are some things a visual inspection can tell you — such as if a sprinkler head is damaged or a smoke detector is disconnected — you may have to take some more involved maintenance steps.

Setting off your fire alarm intentionally to see if it is working is usually not a good idea. If your fire alarm system is wired to a sprinkler system, it could set off the sprinkler system and cause significant damage. It also may automatically trigger the arrival of the local fire company, and you want to avoid setting off a false alarm. If you do plan to test your fire alarm system by setting it off, be very careful. Do not do it alone, and make sure to protect your inventory from water damage. Also, be sure to alert or deactivate any monitoring or remote alarm features.

There are also other regular maintenance steps you can take to help make sure your fire alarm system is working its best. It should not be difficult to test the batteries on individual smoke detectors. You can even work it into the schedule that you or your employees test batteries once a month, as well as making sure the detector is clear of any dust, dirt or other debris that might interfere with it functioning properly. Naturally, replace batteries as soon as the unit indicates this is necessary.

Call Wayne Alarm for Fire Alarm Maintenance, Installation and Testing

If you need reliable maintenance or testing for your fire alarm system in Massachusetts, Wayne Alarm has been providing residential and commercial security systems for over 50 years, and we have successfully worked with countless businesses for their fire protection needs. If you do not have a fire system in place yet for your business or are not happy with the quality of your current system, please contact us today.

We have a wide range of fire safety solutions, including smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors as well as heat and gas leak detectors. Our alarm systems are connected to our 5 Diamond 24/7 monitoring center, so we will know almost instantly if a fire has set off your system. We can dispatch the fire department to your location as soon as possible. We understand the importance of quick response when it comes to fire issues, and that is reflected in our service.

Call us anytime at (781) 595-0000 for system maintenance. We can have our experts test your alarm system with simulated inputs, calibrate the system’s sensitivity as necessary, test batteries and check detectors and sprinkler heads for damage. In other words, we’ll make sure all aspects of the system are working as they should.

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