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School and Public Safety

School safety has become a growing topic of discussion in today’s society because of emergencies and threats inside of our school systems have been at an all time high. Attached below are 3 documents that schools as well as other public spaces will find beneficial.

Active Shooter Hostile Event Response Program (ASHER)
A detailed report describing how to prepare, manage and assess active risks in public spaces such as schools, museums, places of worship, shopping centers etc. Created with insight from multiple public safety and first responder disciplines such as fire, EMS and law enforcement. ASHER aims to provide advanced reaction guidance to a hostile event through unified planning, response and recovery.

Cost Estimates for Schools
A breakdown and analysis of all average spending of schools across America by state.

Electronic Security Guidelines for Schools
This document is intended to provide useful information to school boards, administrators, and community officials who are interested in electronic security systems as part of their overall school security plan. It is meant to inform and advise decision makers about their options in obtaining electronic security systems. This document also makes recommendations for good practices in security evaluation, needs assessment, and in obtaining professional assistance during the procurement process.