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Motion Alarm System

Traditional burglar alarm systems offer a reliable solution for stopping intruders as they attempt to break into your home. At Wayne Alarm Systems, we offer motion sensor alarm systems that detect an intruder’s presence as soon as they breach your property, adding an extra layer of security. You’ll receive an instant alert the moment any suspicious activity occurs at your home.

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How Does a Motion Activated Alarm Work?

Wayne Alarm Systems has three types of motion alarm systems available. The alarms in our selection each work in different ways:

  • Active: These systems rely on radar technology such as lasers or ultrasonic waves to detect movement. The motion sensors will trigger an alarm whenever an individual or object disrupts the signal.
  • Passive: This type of motion detector alarm uses passive infrared (PIR) sensors to detect the body heat of an intruder. Most residential properties utilize a passive system.
  • Combination: You can also select a motion alarm system equipped with both active and passive sensors. A combo installation typically triggers fewer false alarms because both components must activate to send an alert.

What Happens When an Alarm Goes Off?

These days, technology enables you to receive an immediate alert via your smartphone or tablet whenever someone or something trips a motion sensor on your property. If you connect your system to surveillance cameras, you can use your mobile device as a remote monitor to see what’s happening whenever an alarm activates.

When you choose a reputable security firm like Wayne Alarm Systems, you also get access to a professional alarm monitoring center. The center’s trained staff will receive alerts about your property, investigate the situation and contact law enforcement immediately if necessary.

Where to Place Your Property Motion Sensors

The best place to install your sensors outdoors is near the areas that intruders are most likely to enter. These spots include front and rear doors, patios, second-story windows, outside basement doors and walkways. Consider connecting your sensors to your exterior lighting — a triggered sensor can activate the lights to frighten uninvited guests away.

You can also install motion sensors indoors in hallways, doorways, corners and near valuable items for additional security. Place the detectors 6-8 feet above the floor and keep them away from curtains, ceiling fans and any sources of heated or cooled air.

Do Pets Trigger Motion Detectors?

Many newer motion sensor alarm systems on the market will ignore anything weighing less than 85 pounds or with a height under 2.5 feet. If you have a dog or cat on your property, you won’t have to worry about the animal triggering an alarm while inside or outside. Many systems offer the flexibility to adjust the system’s height and weight detection settings to control the level of “pet immunity” the device provides.

Trust Wayne Alarm Systems for Your Motion Alarm System Installation

If you live in Massachusetts or elsewhere in New England, Wayne Alarm Systems can install motion detector alarms to keep your family safe. During our more than 50 years in business, we’ve earned an outstanding reputation for performing top-quality work and delivering top-notch customer service.

We support our home security system installations with our own UL-Listed 5-Diamond monitoring center that delivers a lightning-fast response time of eight seconds. Get peace of mind knowing that help is on the way whenever you need it.

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