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First Alert FA260

ModePress these Keys
Stay – HomeYour Code + STAY (3)
Night Stay – HomeYour Code + STAY (3) + STAY (3)
Instant – HomeYour Code + INSTANT (7)
AwayYour Code + AWAY (2)
MaximumYour Code + MAX (4)
Door Chime ON/OFFYour Code + CHIME (9)
Off/DisarmYour Code + 1

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Common Security Alarm Problems and Questions for the FA260

Here are some helpful answers to some basic questions you may have about the First Alert FA260 Keypad.

How to Change the Home Alarm Code

There may come a time where you need to know how to reset the home security alarm code. If you need to change security alarm codes, you will require the Master Code. This will usually be written somewhere in your documentation, such as in the owner’s manual or a card your technician provides.

Press either the Reset button or No. 9 on the keypad. When you hear three beeps, enter your current alarm code and the pound sign, followed by the Master Code. This should give you a prompt wherein you can enter your new security code. Be sure to choose a code you have not used before.

If you cannot find the Master Code, you can set one with your Installer Code. Type in the Installer Code, then 802 and your new four-digit Master Code. A short beep should indicate you have successfully made the change and you can proceed as above to change the alarm code.

How to Change the Battery on the FA260

To change the battery on the FA260, you will want to first use your code to silence the alarm. If you see a Bat sign to indicate there is a low battery, you will need to change it. Find the can where your alarm’s wiring is contained. Your technician should have shown you where it is when he installed the system, but it is often in a basement or other out-of-the-way area. In some situations, it could be directly underneath the keypad.

Once you find it, open it up. You should find the battery fairly easily — it will usually be in the corner connected to a red-and-black wire. Simply remove the wires from the connections on top of the battery, one at a time. Take your new battery and simply reattached the connections, making sure the red wire connects to the red-labeled connector and the black wire connects to the black-labeled connector.

Once the battery is connected, re-enter your code to clear the low battery signal and you should be able to use your keypad normally. If your battery signal does not go away, contact Wayne Alarm Systems for additional assistance.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Security Alarm?

If you have not upgraded your security alarm in some time, you may not be aware that there are many benefits to having a modern security system. The most important is that older security systems are dramatically easier to hack than new ones. Old systems rely on phone lines, which means all the intruder has to do is cut them to disable your system. Today’s systems work wirelessly and continue to work even if Wi-Fi is down or there is a power outage, so you are always protected.

Additionally, you can control wireless security alarms through an app on your phone, so you can turn it on and off remotely and receive alerts whenever the system is tripped, no matter where you are. You are always tuned into what is happening in and around your home.

Furthermore, you can hook your modern security system into other necessary home monitoring systems, like smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, for complete home protection.


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