History of Industry

  1. Firemen in New York


    Originally, firemen in New York were hired to walk around the streets with buckets and ladders and rang bells to notify the people around the area.

  2. Tildesley


    Tildesley, an English inventor, designed a door alarm that detects intrusions by using a series of chimes and bells connected to the lock that jingled whenever someone tried to open the lock.

  3. City wide municipal fire system


    William Channing created the first city wide municipal fire system at Boston’s City Wall. The very next night it received the first fire alert. Channing went on to get a patent in 1857 for which is known as the “city system”

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    The first electro-magnetic alarm system was patented by a man named Augustus Russell Pope

  5. Edwin Holmes


    Edwin Holmes, known as the father of the modern alarm system, purchased the patented and opened “Holmes Electric Protection Company”

  6. Livestock


    Livestock and other sorts of animals, such as dogs and even geese were used to alarm people of any type of intrusion.