Our Story

What started as a small collection of antique alarms in Ralph W. Sevinor’s basement has grown extensively over the years. Now located at Wayne Alarm Systems in Lynn Massachusetts, The Security Museum and founder Ralph W. Sevinor have become the “go-to” in the industry for collecting antiques, even assisting with building companies own museums such as Honeywell’s and TMA as well as others all over the country.

Ralph has always been a huge supporter in education and learning throughout the industry, so he took it upon himself to memorialize these products. Ralph sees this collection as a tool for everyone in the industry, from younger generations looking to learn more about the past, and for the older generations to look back and remember.

The Security Museum could not be possible without the support from industry peers. It is not uncommon for Ralph to walk into work and see packages from all over the world on his desk containing alarm systems and parts he didn’t even know existed. Every day the museum is evolving and growing all thanks to the cooperation and generosity of the industry.

We hope you take the time to look through our collection and enjoy what we have put together.