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What started as a small collection of antique alarms in Ralph W. Sevinor’s basement has grown extensively over the years. Now located at Wayne Alarm Systems in Lynn Massachusetts, The Security Museum and founder Ralph W. Sevinor have become the “go-to” in the industry for collecting antiques, even assisting with building companies own museums such as Honeywell’s and TMA as well as others all over the country.

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The Security Museum located in Wayne Alarm Systems always has their doors open for those interested in learning more about the industry. Come check out the show room and get a tour through the past instructed by the founder Ralph W. Sevinor.

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Any questions you may have, please send them in! We love hearing from everyone about their experience and any questions you may have. We hope we can get you an answer quickly, but sometimes even for us we have to do some research!

1935 Ford

Antique Service Truck


Artifacts dating back to the 1800's

"See the evolution of technology of the industry"

- The Peterson School

"A collection that any technology enthusiast will be thrilled to see"

- Brandon G. Freedman

Evolution of technology

The evolution from analog to digital

A rich history

Founded in 1968 in Marblehead, MA

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Wayne Alarm Systems, Inc.

424 Essex Street Lynn, Massachusetts 01902

Phone: (781) 595-0000