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How to Burglar-Proof Windows in Your Home

One of the biggest threats your property faces is the potential damage, theft, and other misfortunes that result from burglars and intruders. Installing effective security devices is vital for protecting your family’s welfare and most valuable possessions. These devices can also quickly alert you in the event of a fire, bursting pipes, or other potential disasters.

Why Protecting Your Windows From Burglars Is Important

Windows and doors are the primary points of entry for burglars. While doors typically feature durable, secure locks, windows are often more vulnerable because they offer minimal security. Besides using a tool to pry open your window from the outside, an intruder can use a hammer, rock, or another object to break the glass so they can reach inside to disable the lock or gain access to a nearby door.

Although burglars rarely target windows on the second floor or above, homeowners should take adequate measures to protect all windows on the ground level.

Besides providing a deterrent to burglars, window protection systems and other security solutions provide additional benefits, including:

  • Peace of mind: When you install an effective security system for your windows and other parts of your property, you achieve peace of mind. Whether you’re sleeping soundly or away from your property, you’ll know you have adequate protection.
  • Energy savings: Web-connected thermostats and lights paired with electronic security systems can automatically adjust to save energy, offering significant savings on utility bills.
  • Reduced home insurance rates: Many home insurance companies offer discounted rates to homeowners who install window protection and security systems, specifically those with environmental monitoring that can detect fire, smoke, and water damage.

Tips for Preventing Break-Ins Through Windows

At Wayne Alarm Systems, we offer various security devices and alarm systems to help you proactively monitor your property. You deserve the peace of mind, whether you’re asleep inside or away from home. You can take the following steps to improve your windows’ security against break-ins.

1. Use Security Cameras

While many property owners utilize cameras at the front of their homes, their properties are still vulnerable to potential intruders. When burglars identify cameras near the doorstep, they often look for alternate entry points along a home’s perimeter, including windows. Strategically placing cameras to cover all of your property’s blind spots is highly beneficial.

New camera technology allows homeowners to view activity around their property even when they’re away. Many of these cameras use innovative technology that starts recording when the sensors detect movement. When burglars see multiple cameras positioned around a home, they often avoid a break-in entirely.

2. Install a New Window Locking System

While many intruders can conquer the standard locks that come with factory windows, installing durable, secure aftermarket locks can stop them from gaining entry. Several types of locks are available depending on the window style, including:

  • Pin locks: These easy-to-install locks secure your windows using large pins that fit into the frame.
  • Keyed locks: Keyed locks require a key for opening and closing. If you choose this style, it’s critical to ensure you keep the key hidden from plain view but easily accessible for emergencies.
  • Wedge locks: Many homeowners prefer wedge locks because they also offer control over how wide a window opens, making them ideal for houses with small children.
  • Sash locks: These locks use fixtures — typically in the middle of the window — that install to the window sashes and interlock to secure the window.

Homeowners often combine one or more of these styles on the same windows for even more security.

3. Invest in Lighting

Most burglaries result from opportunity rather than a calculated plan. For this reason, adding extra lighting around your property is one of the most effective deterrents. The last thing potential burglars want to do is make themselves visible to a bystander. Pathway lights, flood lights, and even electric candle lights for windows can add to your home’s security.

4. Detect Activity With Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are one of the most beneficial means of property protection, especially for homeowners who spend significant time away from their properties. Motion sensor technology uses microwave or infrared (IR) radar to detect movement around your home.

Many motion sensors sync with your mobile device to alert you of suspicious activity, so you can alert the authorities. When paired with other home protection devices like cameras, these systems give homeowners real-time visibility of intrusive activity. Some advanced motion sensors can even detect a room’s temperature change to confirm whether someone has entered your home.

5. Use Security Film to Reinforce Glass

Security film offers protection against burglars who have no qualms about shattering a window’s glass to gain entry to your home. This tear-resistant film strengthens the glass to prevent easy breakage. Although these films are not entirely smash-proof, they offer a barrier that won’t yield quickly or quietly.

The longer it takes a burglar to enter your home, the more likely someone will notice them and the more time authorities have to respond.

These films offer additional benefits to help keep you and your family safe, including UV protection and the prevention of flying glass during natural disasters.

6. Install Window Bars

Window bars have long served as a straightforward, affordable way to burglar-proof windows. However, a few disadvantages prevent many homeowners from using them as exclusive forms of protection.

Traditional bars can affect a property’s curb appeal when installed on a home’s exterior, as they can appear conspicuous and obtrusive. These bars can also prevent residents from using windows as an escape route in case of emergency. To combat these disadvantages, homeowners can install bar systems with interior locks to swing open for a quick exit.

7. Use Window Break Sensors

Window break sensors — also called glass break detectors — go above many other security system designs. When paired with other devices like motion sensors or cameras, window break sensors provide one of the most effective forms of protection.

These devices use built-in microphones to detect glass breaking around your home. Many window-break sensors can prevent false alarms with dual-sensing technology, which differentiates the low pitch of an object hitting your window and the high pitch of glass shattering. Once the sensor recognizes the specific frequency of glass breaking, it sounds an alarm and activates your security system.

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