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What Are Smart Control Locks and Their Benefits?

On February 24, 2023, In Product Spotlight,

Smart locks are unique door locks that help keep your home safe through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled controls. Many people consider these locks because they offer excellent features and benefits that cannot exist with regular locks and deadbolts. If you’re thinking about installing a smart lock to upgrade your home or business security, learn more about smart locks, their advantages and who might need one!

What Are Smart Control Locks?

smart lock allows you to open your door with an app on your phone instead of a key. It likely has a numbered keypad for typing in a code manually, if you choose. What makes the lock “smart” is its connection to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Depending on your chosen smart lock, you may need to install a new system or have it fitted over your existing one.

Most smart locks easily work with other smart home devices, including security cameras or speakers, with the help of a smart home hub. Batteries control your smart lock, and most models will let you know when it’s time to replace them.

Benefits of Smart Control Locks

Smart locks for your home or business offer many advantages. Some reasons to get smart control locks installed in your home include:

  • Get into your house easily: You will no longer have to dig around for your keys when you get home. Smart locks are keyless, allowing you to open them directly from your phone with a code. Smart locks also work well for people who require accessibility features because the door will unlock with the push of a button or a voice command.
  • Remember to lock your door: Many smart locks are equipped with features that remind you to lock your door if you leave your house and forget. Others will automatically lock the doors after a certain amount of time or if your phone has left the premises.
  • Stop making key copies: With a smart lock, there’s no need to make copies of your keys for every family member, nanny or housekeeper. Instead, you can let people in and lock the door behind them whenever necessary, right from your phone. Many locks also let you create unique codes for guests or set times when they are allowed to enter your home.
  • Lock your door from anywhere: Your phone is your smart lock’s key — you can control it from anywhere. Whether you want to check that your door is locked or allow your neighbor inside to water your plants while you’re away, a smart lock lets you do that!
  • Add it to your whole-home automation: A smart lock is an excellent addition to your home automation features. It works well with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, making it easy to set up voice commands.
  • Get alerts on who entered and when: Many smart locks can tell you who entered your home and when they did so based on when the door was opened or what codes were entered. They can also tell if someone with a code tried to go inside when they were unauthorized to do so or if a criminal attempted to enter.
  • Always have your keys: If you have a smart lock that works with your phone, you don’t have to worry about leaving the house without your keys. Most people don’t leave their phone behind, so you’ll likely always have it with you, unlike a set of physical keys.

No matter why you want to invest in a smart lock, it delivers numerous advantages that can help you feel more secure at home. You’ll also have control over access to your home, making it easier on you to check if the doors are locked or if you need to let someone in remotely.

How Smart Locks Differ From Regular Ones

A regular lock is just that — a standard lock that you must use a key to open manually. Smart locks are the opposite, as many are keyless and offer numerous benefits and features you cannot have with a regular lock. They will work with your phone, voice commands or a Bluetooth key fob, allowing you to lock and unlock the door quickly whenever you want.

Smart locks are much more difficult to pick or hack to get them open, making them as safe as or safer than traditional locks. As long as you have properly secured Wi-Fi, use strong passcodes and refrain from sharing your lock information with anyone you don’t trust, they should be quite safe.

Additionally, smart locks also take losing your keys out of the equation most of the time. Since many smart locks are controlled through your phone, you will have one less thing to misplace.

Will a Smart Lock Work If Your Wi-Fi Goes Out?

Most smart locks will continue to work even if your power or internet services go out! Your system will likely have a backup key, fingerprint scanner or keypad entry system so you can unlock the door manually. Additionally, if your smart lock has Bluetooth capability, you can open your door as long as you’re within range.

Who Can Benefit From a Smart Lock?

While anyone can benefit from using a smart lock system, it may prove crucial to people who:

  • Keep a key under the doormat or in another location around the front door, making it easy for someone to find it.
  • Feel concerned at least once a week that they forgot to lock the door before leaving or going to bed.
  • Rent a home or apartment to travelers but find it difficult to meet guests for check-in and check-out to exchange the keys.
  • Realize they left the door unlocked when they left their home because they routinely forget to lock it.

If you experience any of these regularly or have other concerns about your home’s safety, a smart lock is an excellent option to consider. Whether you want to make it easy for your babysitter to come inside when you aren’t around or you travel a lot, smart locks help you easily lock, unlock and monitor your front door wherever you are.

Why Choose Wayne Alarm Systems?

At Wayne Alarm Systems, we have been in the industry for decades, allowing us to build an outstanding reputation for our services. All team members undergo extensive background checks to assure you that we are a group you can trust with your home or business security requirements.

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If you want to install a smart control lock, Wayne Alarm Systems is here to help. We provide installation services for smart locks throughout New England. We strive to offer the best customer service and listen to your needs and concerns to ensure you get the right smart control lock for your home.

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