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What is a Smart Home and Why Would I Want One?

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There’s no question that today’s modern family moves at a pace faster than in the past.  From the more present commonality of dual income households to action packed schedules for kids activities, the typical family is stretched thin with workloads, chores, and activities.  Even the smallest improvement in efficiency makes a huge impact!

You may be asking yourself, what does a smart home have to do with discussions of a busy family?  The answer is that the solutions that a smart home provides leads to you and your family’s lives becoming more manageable.

Though the buzz term smart home has been tossed around for years at this point, many don’t actually know what solutions exist.  In this article we will cover some of the most common smart home solutions, how they interact with each other, and how they can make your life easier.

Security Systems

Today’s security system isn’t just door contacts and motion detectors.  Modern security systems can now include important features such as integration with other home systems, app control, voice control, and even Geo Fencing.  Your security can become the hub of your smart home ecosystem while also protecting your home or business.

Lighting Control

Taking advantage of smart lighting control in your home or business can save time and money.  Features like controlling multiple lights at the same time, controlling lighting with your voice, being able to turn lights on and off from anywhere with an Internet connection are just a few of the benefits of smart lighting.

Climate Control

By now everyone is somewhat familiar with the popular smart thermostat solutions.  The benefit of these systems are that you are able to remotely control the temperature in your space.  Whether you want to turn up your heat on an unexpected cold day or turn it off when it might not be needed, smart thermostats are a critical piece of the smart home ecosystem.

Smart Doorbells

Similar to smart thermostats, smart doorbells have become commonplace in homes and businesses.  Gone are the days of simple buttons that ring a chime and the hopes that someone heard it and are even home.  Smart doorbells allow the end user to be notified through their smart phones any time someone presses the button.  And, not only do they know when someone pushed the button but they can see and talk to them.  In addition, smart doorbells often allow the ability to view the camera within it real time.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are a great addition to a smart home because they can limit the number of keys you have to manage and they help allow access to your home to others without needing to give them a key.  Whether it’s a cleaner, babysitter, or contractor, using an app you can simply unlock a door remotely and lock it when they’re done.  

Automated Shades

Often considered a luxury item, automating shades are another excellent addition to the smart home ecosystem.  Automated shades are a form of lighting control, can provide privacy, and can even protect furniture, art, and flooring.  Unlike typical manual blinds or shades, automated shades can be controlled by a smartphone or hub controller.

Scenario #1 – Welcome Home

Imagine you arrive home with bags full of groceries and you’re struggling to look for your keys.  It’s dark and your child is getting bored waiting.  With a smart home you could…

Utilize Bluetooth technology that already exists in your phone to automatically let your security system know you’re within close proximity to your home.  The security system could (1) disarm your system, (2) automatically unlock your door, and then (3) turn on whichever lights you would normally turn on when you get home.

Scenario #2 – Goodbye

Similar to the scene above, when leaving your home you could simply arm your security system which would (1) turn off your lights (2) lower your motorized blinds, (3) lower the temperature of your thermostat, (4) lock your smart door locks.

Scenario #3 – Fire Alarm

No one ever wants to experience a fire in their home, no less a false alarm.  Being awoken in the middle of the night to blaring sirens and in the pitch black is not an experience anyone wants.

Utilizing smart home technology you could upon a fire alarm or carbon monoxide event, program your system to (1) turn on the lights in your home (2) unlock your smart door locks ensuring the fire department isn’t crashing your door down to ensure you are okay.

These are just a few of the smart home solutions and scenarios available today.  There are many more to explore and take advantage of.  As discussed earlier, these systems can work in harmony to make our busy lives more manageable.  Whether it’s through an app, your voice, or through your controller… controlling your home’s systems are at your fingertips (or voice!).

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